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Der Tape-Thread
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Autor:  BlacPain [ 14.03.2021, 19:45 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Der Tape-Thread

da ich irgendwie noch keinen eigenen Thread darüber gefunden habe und Tapes aktuell wieder an Popularität gewinnen :uglylaugh:

"Death Row Records beams in hip-hop history as much more than music label. Death Row was a movement, hip-hop revolution, factory for greatness, and one of the first exemplifications of black power within the business of rap. During a time when hip-hop’s market share of multi-platinum plaques was a small minority, Death Row liberated and empowered some of our greatest creatives, leveling another lopsided American playing field. Without Death Row, we would never hear the aqua-flow of Snoop Dogg or the genius of Eminem. We would be deprived of Cali’s finest production - from Dr. Dre to DJ Pooh - and our music palettes would be lesser for having never heard The Don Killuminati: 7 Day Theory or either of the Chronic albums. If Death Row had never been, hip-hop would have never experienced the unforgettable era of West Coast dominance."

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