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Autor:  lyricalbomber [ 13.12.2003, 20:54 ]
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^^^^^^hier ist das Pimp C album

die beiden typen Lil Boosie & Weebie sind aus Baton Rouge,LA

Autor:  Schore [ 13.12.2003, 21:01 ]
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ah, ok, danke...hast nen plan wie die cd ist?

Autor:  lyricalbomber [ 13.12.2003, 21:06 ]
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hab keine ahnung,wenn sie von Pimp C produziert ist müsst sie schon gut sein aber die beiden rapper machen mich stutzig :ugly:

Autor:  Schore [ 13.12.2003, 21:08 ]
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haben auf jeden fall scheissnamen,lol :ugly:

Autor:  lyricalbomber [ 13.12.2003, 21:12 ]
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^^^^Schon lol!!!

Den Boosie kenn ich von C-Loc hat nen CashMoney style

Autor:  Schore [ 13.12.2003, 21:18 ]
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hab grad mal meine mp3 nach songs von c-loc und boosie weiß ich wieder dass boosie nicht mein fall ist :rolleyes:

Autor:  Face97 [ 14.12.2003, 13:21 ]
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Pastor Troy is back with his clique D.S.G.B., which stands for Down South Georgia Boyz. The group consists of Blackout, Lil' Pete, Pinhead and of course, Pastor Troy himself. Their debut LP, 'Til Death Do Us Part, is scheduled to be released by Universal Records on December 16th 2003.

The first single is the self-titled "D.S.G.B." The LP features production by DJ Threat, DJ Toomp, Slim, Taj Mahal and Pastor Troy himself. The tracklist is as follows:

01. D.S.G.B. Intro
02. Sittin' On Thangs - featuring Delilah
03. King Of The Hill - featuring Wicket
04. Them Devils Trying
05. I'm Outside Skit
06. I'm Outside Hoe
07. My Pockets
08. The Rappa - featuring Wicket
09. Who Down 2 Ride?
10. D.S.G.B.
11. On My Block
12. In My City - featuring The Klones
13. Make 'Em Get That Money Right
14. Off In Dis Game
15. Bust Ya Head
16. Hit 'Em Wit' The Pump
17. 'Til Death Do Us Part
18. Phone Call Skit
19. Sam Diss

Autor:  Face97 [ 14.12.2003, 13:42 ]
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Track Listings

1. Intro
2. My City
3. Still Watchin'
4. Get That (Skit)
5. My Momma
6. Fuck Wit' Yall
7. Gotta Be A G
8. Gangsta
9. Payback
10. Get That (Skit)
11. SK
12. For The Bootleggers (Skit)
13. Miss My Dawg
14. Within' Myself
15. Ain't Shit Changed (Skit)

Includes Regular and S.L.A.B.ed discs.

Autor:  bdm [ 14.12.2003, 20:30 ]
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Face97 hat geschrieben:
Their debut LP, 'Til Death Do Us Part, is scheduled to be released by Universal Records on December 16th 2003.


billigste geto boys-biterei

Autor:  Schore [ 14.12.2003, 20:33 ]
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und ich hab gelinde gesagt 'leise' zweifel dass sie dem titel nur irgendwie gerecht werden :ugly:
aber das debut ists ja net...aber auf dem ersten album war ja auch schon zu hören dass die gruppe recht eindimensional veranlagt ist...dann lieber den pastor auf solopfaden, ist doch noch viel besser...

Autor:  bdm [ 14.12.2003, 21:08 ]
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eindimensional ist gut... die beats waren ok, die flows sehr hart, aber die texte sowas von kindisch und blöd teilweise das mans echt nicht ausgehalten hat. wird wohl genau das gleiche wieder werden..

Autor:  Face97 [ 15.12.2003, 19:00 ]
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Roc-A-Fella Records is scheduled to release the first volume of their greatest hits, The Roc Files Volume 1, on December 16th 2003. The tracklist is as follows:

01. It's Alright - Jay-Z and Memphis Bleek
02. The Truth - Beanie Sigel
03. Roc The Mic - Beanie Sigel and Freeway
04. Memphis Bleek Is... - Memphis Bleek
05. Love For Free - Jay-Z and Reel
06. My Mind Right - Memphis Bleek
07. Full Of Smoke - Christion
08. Always Be My Sunshine - Babyface, Foxy Brown and Jay-Z
09. I Wanna Get Next To You - Christion
10. The City Is Mine - Blackstreet and Jay-Z
11. What You Think Of That? - Jay-Z and Memphis Bleek

Autor:  Face97 [ 15.12.2003, 19:02 ]
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Arista Records is scheduled to release a collection of Goodie Mob's greatest hits entitled Dirty South Classics on December 16th 2003. The group consists of four members: Big Gipp, Cee-Lo, Khujo and T-Mo. The tracklist is as follows:

01. They Don't Dance No Mo'
02. Cell Therapy
03. Dirty South - featuring Big Boi
04. Black Ice
05. Soul Food
06. Get Rich To This - featuring Backbone and Big Boi
07. What It Ain't (Ghetto Enough) - featuring TLC
08. Parking Lot (Break)
09. Beautiful Skin
10. Still Standing
11. Fly Awar
12. Goodie Bag
13. I.C.U.
14. The Experience
15. Free

Autor:  Cpt Crook [ 16.12.2003, 16:18 ]
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Diamond of D.I.T.C. - Grown Man Talk


Time Will Heal U
Da Magnificent
Like Us (feat. Big C & AK2000)
In Da BX (feat. Sadat X & Tons)
Why Yawl Hatin (feat. Brick Dawson)
Watch Me
Put It Down (feat. Sadat X)
Live My Life (feat. Blake Carrington)
U Gots 2 Go (feat. AK2000, prod. 88 Keys)
I Know You Really Want It (feat. Big C, Verse & Blake Carrington)
Don't Mean Shit 2 Me (feat. Brick Dawson)
If I Were Ya Woman (feat. Big C & AK2000)
So Lovely
2 Late (feat. Sadat X)
50 Wayz (feat. Big C)

Autor:  Face97 [ 20.12.2003, 13:47 ]
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My Homie Young Krimehas got a deal for y'all folx. Believe me, the deal is too good to pass up on. From now til the 26th of December, you can copp Young Krime's album "Product Of Da Ghetto" featuring Bushwick Bill, Marvaless & more for only $8.00. The shipping and handling will be handled by Krime & Felony Entertainment. Plus, Krime'll send you a copy of the "Ghetto Merry X-Mas" track he recorded. Check out snippets from "Product Of Da Ghetto" right here email Young Krime by clicking
to purchase the album. Read On fot the Album Cover and Tracklisting.....

Tha Whomp feat. Assassin G, Hazard & Young Pit
Should I Ride
My Position
Shine Fa Sho'
So Automatic feat. Awall aka Kaiser Soze
Gotta Gotta Go
BBQ Commercial
Crunk And Shine feat. Hazard
EveryBody Gotta Die feat. Ghost
It Wuz Givin To Us
Shorty's Barber Shop Commercial
Ghetto Party #2 feat. Awall aka Kaiser Soze
Moma Told me
Heavy Doses feat. Marvaless
I Got Hustle
Maintain Ya Game
Ms. Mary Jane (skit)
On Dem Swangaz
Military Tactics feat. BushWick Bill

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