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eBay Major stash sale - West, South, Midwest, East, RARES!
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Autor:  ox4_productionz [ 16.12.2019, 21:17 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  eBay Major stash sale - West, South, Midwest, East, RARES!

everything.... G-Funk, mobb, Smooth, hardcore, boom bap, dark, bounce, snappin / choppa styles, horrorcore, crunk. All the staples are there.

If you dont wanna click a link, just search by member and key in "foxycopter" .

I aint blind to the fact either that a lot of these are unknowns and i've sorta come in cold cause no one has sold em yet in the online rap community.

I'm addin samples here:

I'm also on Insta and will be blowin that up too:

Many of the titles, are now in them big ol rare lists cause of that auction and many titles AINT EVEN BEEN SEEN since i auctioned em back then. No kiddin! (Outta the 260 i sold last time - there are 10 i just aint seen. It was 45 or so, but one of the guys who won most of them off me auctioned em about a year ago and no joke he gained an extra 3 grand at least! YOu wanna be that guy? Maybe get involved in my auction! I think i'ma share on Insta just what it was i sold back then too :) .

Good luck and thank you all again. You know how it is, showin love to all them peoples who have laid down some real scratch over the years, here's to you - i hope you get some sweet deals! It's all love. 1.

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