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Rap aus Milwaukee
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Autor:  Breitner [ 10.11.2012, 14:17 ]
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wo gibt's die...hab das video noch nie gesehen...

Autor:  Don$P [ 10.11.2012, 14:44 ]
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Hat mein Bro mal auf Ebay ersteigert.. falls Interesse an dem Movie besteht kann ich den auch gerne mal uppen!


Autor:  bdm [ 06.05.2019, 17:43 ]
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Baby Drew feat. Big Mike & Coo Coo Cal - Making Plays (Video)

Autor:  bdm [ 19.03.2021, 11:14 ]
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Gutes 2001 Release aus Racine, Wisconsin :up:


Lil Gangsta - Nine Shots Against The Town

Autor:  bdm [ 08.09.2021, 13:42 ]
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Das bislang unveröffentlichte 2. Album von Ton Of Soul Empire ist vor ein paar Tagen aufgetaucht

Ton Of Soul Empire - The 11th Hour (2000)

1. Eleven Intro
2. As in Gangsta1
3. Crime Scene
4. Diamond in the Back
5. One Plus One
6. Eleven Discussion
7. Eleven
8. Enough
9. High N High
10. Get Down
11. Don't Want None
12. Eleven Remix
13. Let's Get High (High N High Remix)

The Ton OF Soul Empire was the original group founded by Godxilla in the late 90's. The group always had revolving personnel but the core members of the original group were Godxilla (then named DJ C-ya), Mad Man, Mr Relentless, and Nova. There has been significant interest over the last couple of years into this era of production for Godxilla. This page is a record of the recordings that this group created.

There were three complete projects created by the group. For The Love Of It, The 11th Hour and Poltergeist. Only the first and the third projects were printed. The 11th Hour was scrapped in 2000. For the first time online ever all three projects are available for streaming.

Autor:  bdm [ 05.12.2021, 15:44 ]
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Neues II Tight Release... hat sogar die 97er Single nochmal neu aufgelegt lol ..


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