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Hey! I have a few days left here on some great records and cassettes.

All sealed. I'll have more coming in the next few weeks. Let me know if you have any questions. :)

New Orleans Horrorcore Classic Grail
SEALED Death Possessed by the Ouija Board 1993 Mobo Joe New Orleans Horrorcore Random Rap GRAIL

Georgia Rap - Cassette
SEALED Original Man 9 EP 1995 Savannah GA Come Clean Records Random Rap Buckshot DUMB RARE

SEALED Power Party 1990 Promo Atlanta GA Fresh Cut Records No Barcode Random Rap DUMB RARE

SEALED A.D.W. Full Time Clocker Atlanta GA Afrika Swing Records Random Rap RARE

SEALED G-Lo The Crypt Keeper That's Life 199? Atlanta GA Boy-L Smooth G-Funk Rap BOMB RARE

SEALED Triflin Pac Triflin's Da Word 97 Atlanta GA Po Hustlin Random G-Funk RARE

90's Classics - Cassette
SEALED Gang Starr Step In The Arena 1990 NY Rap Chrysalis Guru Premier OOP

SEALED Boot Camp Clik For The People 1997 NY Rap Priority Records Buckshot Sean P

SEALED Camp Lo Uptown Saturday Night 1997 NY Profile Records Ski Jazzy Random

SEALED LL Cool J 14 Shots To The Dome 1993 Queens NY Marley Marl Rap Cassette

SEALED MC Serch Return Of The Product 1992 NY Def Jam T. Ray Skeff Nas Chubb Fatal

60 Min Cassette "Magasette" Pete Rock & CL cover. Premiere Issue.
Bounce Hip Hop Audio Magazine 94 Interviews CL Smooth Ali Shaheed 5one6 Milk D Missy Elliott w/ Sista

Gangsta, G-funk, Eazy & Absurd - Cassette
SEALED D-Shot The Shot Calla 94 Vallejo CA Bay Rap Sick Wid It Click G-Funk OOP

SEALED Ganksta Black Ya Not Ready 4 Me 94 New Orleans LA Gangsta Random Rap RARE

SEALED The Big Dog Call It What Cha Want 95 Detroit Pen & Pixel G-Funk Gangsta

SEALED Eazy-E Straight Off Tha Streetz 1996 CA Ruthless BG Knocc Dresta Gangsta

SEALED Disco Rick The Negro's Back 90 Miami Bass Random Rap Babies In Trash Cans

Electro Rares
SEALED Boyz In Effect B-U Records 1989 SC Lo-Fi Electro Random Rap EP Shadow Mix

SEALED Eze T Mic Fresh Jazzy Raggae 1987 Decatur GA Force Groove Electro Brazil

SEALED Sweet Daddy Ceville Partners in Crime 1988 NY Majestic Productions

SEALED Level 4 Are We On The Air 1986 NY Electro Effects Scratchin Beatbox Random Rap

SEALED Dynamicly Def ‎Crush'in 1987 Atlanta GA Cart-Wright Electro Random Rap

SEALED Based on Beats Kings of the Rhyme I'm Violent 1987 Atlanta GA

SEALED Precious T Diva of Rap 1987 New Orleans LA Jakia Random Electro

SEALED D. Rebel / Double Def On the Roll Qualified MC's 1989 MO Wiz-A-Tron Random

[B]Pac & Early-Mid 90's Gems[/B]
SEALED 2Pac Trapped / The Lunatic 1991 Interscope Records Shock G Tupac OG

SEALED K-Connection The Highest Degree 1991 NY Prime Time Records Random Rap 9-x

SEALED Compton's Most Wanted I'm Wit Dat 1990 Orpheus Records Male vs Female Sex Rap Eiht

SEALED Ras Kass Won't Catch Me Runnin 1994 CA PatchWerk Bird Vooodu Western Hemisfear

SEALED O.C. Time's Up 1994 NY Wild Pitch Records Buckwild Eclipse Remix DITC

Mid-Late 90's Indie Underground
SEALED Grits Mental Releases LP Promo 1995 Nashville TN Gotee Records

SEALED Junkies Spur of the Moment EP 1995 Greensboro NC Sandman Mixmasta D

SEALED Big Tabb Raw Dog 1996 Philly PA Ragz to Riches Ent. DJ Koco

SEALED Fourtie Shawn 3,000 Long 1994 Atlanta GA Plead Th' 5th

SEALED Reign of Terror / Martay Double EP 1996 Atlanta GA Reel One

SEALED Illegal Bastardz Soon To Blow 1998 NJ Interstate Records

SEALED Three Hundred Sixty Degrees Fugative Bluz 1998 IN Gate 7 Herbie Quincy

Thanks for looking!

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