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Nach der Veröffentlichung ihrer “B.B. Queen EP” aus dem Jahr 2000 wurde es recht still um Bahamadia. Jetzt meldet sich die große Dame des Philly-Hip-Hop zurück am Set: ihre dritte Veröffentlichung “Good Rap Music” ist seit kurzem offiziell erhältlich. Warum das Album über das australische Kleinlabel Jam Music droppte, wo sie all die Jahre steckte und welche Gedanken in und hinter “Good Rap Music” stecken – all das erfahrt ihr in diesem Gespräch zwischen Bahamadia und unserem Mitarbeiter matt2.9.



Hello Bahamadia. How’s Hip-Hop?

Hip-Hop is still Hip-Hop from the way I approach it *smiles*

Where have you been all the years? What have you been doing? What have you been into lately? I’ve read that you are a regular participant in educational lectures at universities, you write for the “Stress Magazine”, plus you have or had your own radio-show in Philly?

I’ve been busy touring extensively since my first LP amazingly. Did several speaking engagements at a few universities etc. And yes, I did contribute to Stress Magazine back in the earlier part of my career as a writer. The radio show was called “Bahamdia’s B-Side”. It aired on station 103.9FM in the tri-state area here in Philadelphia for a few years.

Which books have you been reading lately? Which was the last movie you’ve seen? Which artist would you recommend? What’s spinning on your turntable these days?

The main book that I read consistently is the Holy Bible. The last movie that I went to an actual theatre to see was “V for Vendetta”. Since I have a private collection of flicks at home I rarely go to the movies. As for artists that I listen and recommend, whatever mood I’m in determines what I listen personally. I support hence recommend most artist who present quality, truth, and substance in their work.

Please, describe a day in the life of Bahamadia. Which are the problems you’re daily dealing with, what are your thoughts about the world, about politics, about family, about life in general etc.?

A typical day for Bahamadia varies from day to day. Some days it’s about creating some days it’s about preparing for bookings etc.Other days it could be on such as this…doing interviews *laughs* I like to discuss my views on social issues, family etc. through my music. I find it to be the perfect vice for venting my life experiences. And life in general is meant to be lived.

Who would you consider to be the best or most talented female MC these days?

I am an artist who’s blessed to be able to express herself openly through music.

Your career had its highs and lows. It started off pretty well, collaborating with Gang Starr for example, but people didn’t hear much about you lately. So what’s going on? Any projects you’re working on? Any plans for the future?

The course that my career has taken is what it is. For the record, I’ve never done a collaboration with the group Gang Starr. I did a collaboration with Guru from the group though for his “Jazzmatazz Vol. 2” project with Ramsey Lewis which was an honor. My new project is entitled “Good Rap Music” and is currently available at As for the future, I take things one day at a time. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone.

Are you still in contact with Guru and DJ Premier?

I have not spoken to either of them in several years. The relationship between us as with anyone in this industry was and is business.

Your voice and your flow are unique. One can feel the love that you put into your music. How would you describe your way of putting your thoughts into music? And which are those thoughts? What are your influences? Do you have any idols, any person you’re looking up to?

Thank you. I do love my life’s work. The music usually compels me to write about whatever topic. I am influenced by life experiences. Jesus Christ is my idol as well as anyone who inspires me to become more of who God created me to be.

Do you think your talent is underrated?

I believe that everything has its season.

Your new album seemed to me as if it basically came out of nowhere. Please, tell us some facts about “Good Rap Music”. It seems to be a pretty personal album. What are the main topics you’re rapping about on it? What’s the basic idea of the album? Is there a concept you followed in creating “Good Rap Music” (except for the name of the album)?

Good Rap Music (2006)

Good Rap Music (2006)

The new project didn’t just come out of nowhere it actually took a considerable amount of time to create. The entire project was handled – by the grace of God – by me with the help of my legal team. Basically “Good Rap Music” showcases my growth as an artist as well as an individual. It is personal because I live my art. The concept of the album is to present “Good Rap Music” according to my perception of what “good rap music” is *laughs*

Do you have a favourite track on the album?

I don’t have a favourite track for this project. There was an equal amount of time and care that went into the process of creating each track for “Good Rap Music”.

Why is it only available in Australia? At least, I only found it on the Australian Website of the label, Why did you drop it on Jam Music? Are there any personal reasons for that?

Honestly, Jam Music offered a situation that fit my idea of what’s considered a fair deal business wise for this project. It is still currently being shopped for distribution globally. Serious inquiries please contact for more info.

I’ve seen you live-on-stage like, 2 years ago. Are you going on tour again to promote your new album internationally?

Yes. There are plans for touring for this project.

Who’s gonna be Philly’s next big Hip-Hop name? Who’s hot, who’s not right now?

I don’t follow trends. However, Young Chris, Reef The Lost Cause, Freeway.

And, what’s going on in Philly’s Hip-Hop scene generally? In which position do you see yourself in that scene?

Philly’s music scene overall is extremely diverse, soulful, and innovative.
This has been and I believe always will be our calling card. Personally my roll in our scene is to continue doing what I’ve done from the beginning…”Good Rap Music” *laughs*

Are there any more lines you wanna drop? Shoutouts, thank you’s, advices? Feel free.

New album “Good Rap Music” available now at thanks to everyone whose been a consistent supporter of the Bahamadia Movement. Thanks for the press opportunity. *laughs* Artist educate yourselves about the industry of music. Jesus is Lord!

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