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Cl’Che’ (2006)

Zwei Jahre ist es nun her seit wir das letzte Mal mit Sängerin Cl’Che’ aus Houston sprachen. Seitdem hat sich einiges verändert: zumindest was die Kontakte angeht schwammen ihr zuletzt ein wenig die Felle davon, Kollegen wie Z-Ro und Trae haben sich proportional zu den steigenden Verkaufszahlen immer rarer gemacht. Doch davon läst sich eine Cl’Che’ nicht aufhalten: Im Interview mit Don $P spricht sie über den aktuellen Stand der Dinge und ihre Wünsche für die Zukunft.



Sup Cl’Che’? The last interview you did with was in Juli 2004. Now we have 2K6 – how are you?

I’m, feeling real blessed right now. Life is a struggle and pain but I still maintain. Thanks for asking.

One of my favorite tracks of your first album is “Can’t Nobody” with Big Hawk (R.I.P.) Please describe your feelings when you think about him.

When I think about Big H.A.W.K., I think about a good person, family man, great artist, very intelligent. And the reason he got killed , the reason is still anonymous. I hate that this happened. And I think about how the whole Screwed Up Click to me is disappearing if you know what I mean. And I think about his mom and family, how a mother has lost two sons that was in the music business to murder (Fat Pat & Big H.A.W.K). I send my condolences to the family.

Let’s talk about your situation. Are you still signed to Presidential Records? If not – why

Well, I have never been signed to Presidential Records. I am a business woman, so I do business as. Actually I’ve never been signed a day in my life to any label but myself, Clasyfyd Entertainment. I done a joint venture deal with Presidental, Clasyfyd Ent./Presidential Records, you feel me? And that was only on the “Off Da Chain” album. I have been independent since day one.

You”ve dropped an underground album called “You Don’t Hear Me Doe”. Give us some information on that…

Actually “You Don’t Hear Me Doe” was released in 2003 to the streets. I’m going back to press with that right now and it will be purchasable on my myspace site soon. Along with all of my albums except “May 17th Drop Date”, sold them all and I can’t find the master, so if anyone have a copy hit me up on myspace. *smiles* But in the mean while the other five albums will be available again to everbody off my myspace site. The record stores business is slow so their not buyin’ like they used to, so it moves a lot faster in the streets. So get it while you can.



Where can those be purchased? or you could email me at and send a money order and receive it directly from me. I got the product you need! *laughs* So holler at me.

What about your current and future projects? Will there be more dope tracks with Trae, Z-Ro, Dougie D or Billy Cook just to name a few?

Trae? I don’t know, he hasn’t fucked with me on a song since the hype built on him, I guess it was just during the come up time that we only worked together, you know how boys do it. Z-Ro? Haven’t worked with him either since he had this deal with Rap-A-Lot, boys have different objectives when they get them lil deals. But I keep it 100% and all the way real, that I even understand how they playin they cards and I ain’t mad at them, I got my own money to make. Dougie D? Yes!!! We still working together on some projects, we just did some work for a Rapid Ric mixtape, which is who’s doing my next album “Disgusted” coming soon! Billy Cook? That’s a no! No! I ain’t talkin’ down, but I don’t fuck with him or his crew like dat at all…

You already mentioned your new solo joint…

Of course, the next album with me and Rapid Ric called “Disgusted” coming in about another month. Available for purchase on my myspace site and will be available for digital downloads through iTunes as well as many others. The “Clasyfyd Lady” album is already available for digital download thru iTunes and others, so everybody make sure you check that out.

Cl’Che’ doin it big in the near future – what about signing to a major?



Of course majors make the shit you doing a lot bigger. But my focus is not just on the major, it’s a million ways to get paid in this business and I’m exercising all of them. A lot of people are just artists but like I said before I’m a business woman and I create ways to get paid – and it’s more than just one way. So I’m not just sittin’ up here waiting on a major, I’m doing what excites me and what I love to do. The struggle almost took my love away, but realizing the reason I started doing all this, it gave me a whole different outlook on the business. I do music because I love to do music and I do business to make money, they both are separate. And I had to learn that, ’cause sometimes the struggle of not making money off of your craft can take the love you had for it away. But people have to remember why they ever started doing their music. Don’t depend on this shit to pay your bills, or pay your car note, or take care of your kids, depend on YOURSELF! So do what you have to do until god sets your break for the music to have you financially where you need to be.

What do you know about Germany and the people over here?

All I gotta say is I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! *smiles* A lot of my fan base is in different countries, and the support I have gotten from Germany is really a blessing. Millions and millions of miles away and you guys choose me – I am very appreciative of that. Thank you for your support from the bottom of my heart. Germans are very loyal people with great moral support and are not quitters, because they never gave up on this interview through all the hassle of waiting on me. *smiles* Sorry about that guys, and thank you for your patience.

It’s very appreciated! So do you have any last words to our readers?

Matter of fact I do: everbody look out for the old albums and the new albums. You will be able to purchase them from – I need the support from you people so y’all can see me on BET again. *smiles* This is where it counts. Support your girl and keep doing the right things in life and there is a prosperous time right around the corner. Come to myspace and check me out. Thank you so much for the interview, hit me up anytime.

Thanks for taking the time! I wish you big success and hope you achieve to make your dreams come true.

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