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Cl’Che’ (2004)

Whats up throw’dest lil mama?

The usual “music”. I’m actually on tour right now with the artist Z-Ro.

Introduce yourself…

Well I’m the hardest southern female thus far *smiles* … But yeah really!!! My name is Cl’Che, I’ve been in the industry for 10 plus, I started when I was like 13, but I’ve been singing, writing, rapping and all of the above since I’ve been able to speak and walk. I’m from Houston, TX and been doing music all of my capable life.



Cl’Che’, is that your real name and whatz the meaning behind it?

“Cl’Che'” is my artist name that stuck with me since I was about 14. I got a concept and theme 4 myself personally, which is I’m the clasyfyd lady Cl’Che’, and if u noticed in my name theres no ‘i’ so the ‘cl’ stands 4 ‘clasyfyd lady’, and my nick name is ‘Che’ so I got creative with it as a teenager and came up with Cl’Che’ meaning “Clasyfyd Lady Che”.

How would you characterize yourself?

Very energetic, highly energetic, very spirtual, outgoing. I’m a gemini so u know I’m very well out spoken, I guess that’s where all my good lyrics come from. *smiles*

Are you single?

Well u know the thro’dest lil mama is gonna have a prince charming around.

You got kids?

Sorry!!! No kids right now… Mama too busy, but in the near 5 year period maybe, only if I got a husband by then. *smiles*

Where did you grow up and what was it like?

I grew up in America… down in the Dirty Souf, Houston, TX 2 be exact… I have a great, and circle of ole’ school friends which are my truest friends to the end. But as far as the music goes, blowing up down here, it’s a lil harder than anywhere else b cuz the mainstream is not ultimately here yet. They’ve been nosey now b cuz of the B’yonce and Lil Flip so it’s gettin better with more opportunity to expand on a major worldwide level.

Describe us a day in your life.

A day in my life would be very boring to a person that is not in the music business b cuz I’m working around the clock, it’s a every day struggle and hustle and no one is gonna do it like yourself 4 yourself. But I have fun in everything I do it’s fun to me b cuz it’s wut I do and I love it.

How did you started in music?

I’ve been singing all my life. As I grew into my teens rap started being popular and I loved the energy it gave off and it opened a powerful way for me to express myself. So once I started singing I was writing poems that came into lyrics that was wrecking other artists people was looking up to. I noticed I had another God giving gift, and I took it and ran with it, just like I know I love rock and roll and b4 this is all over I garauntee you Cl’Che’s gonna start a new trend in this music game, jus follow up on me.

What’s was/is your main influence?

My main influence I got to say my God, b cuz he told me if I can believe in him I can believe anything for myself. I love the challenge if theres sumtn that catches my interest I take it all the way then I move on to the next biggest challenge.

A lot of fans know you from Guerilla Maab. Can you tell us a few words about them, how you met and how is the situation now?

Guerilla Maab is my 2nd family. We started in this music industry together. Me, Z-Ro, Trae, my homegirl Peaches, and Rakesh the producer, we all was working with Rock on our own material then we all started working 2getha. It was just a powerful chemistry since then, and will always be… And the situation right now is, like I said, I’m on tour with Z-Ro/Rap-A-Lot so you know the whole G-Maab family is here too, we’re still workin, it ain’t gon stop baby!!!!

Clasyfyd Lady (1998)

Clasyfyd Lady (1998)

Let’s talk about your first album. What can you tell us about it?

It’s a classic, “Clasyfyd Lady” is most defintley a collectors item. It was my first songs I’ve ever recorded as a solo arstist and they all were on the album. It’s not like we recorded 100 songs and picked, it was my first time in the booth solo, and I think I was pretty damn awesom back then too … haha.

A lot of people are searching for “Clasyfyd Lady”… Any plans of rereleasing it?

Maybe in the near future once the world knows who Cl’Che’ is. Then I can take them back to where I started.

Is it important for you to relay a message in your music?

Most definately!!! All my music sends a message and a positive message at that, so you will never hear anything degrading from Cl’ Che but you will hear real life shit, cuz life ain’t perfect.

Now, six years later, how would you describe your new album “Off Da Chain”?

“Off Da Chain”? It’s self explanatory.

You got Ms. Toi on your new album. How you met her and how was it working with her in the studio?

About 6 years ago we had the same con artist manager 4RM L.A., that I thank him so much 4 being the con he was, b cuz he brought me a true bestfriend (Ms. Toi). We went thru sum tribulations that me and her literally fought our way thru 2getha and we’ve been having each others back ever since… In the studio it’s like I’m working with myself, she’s a very hardworker and she’s damn good at wut she does.

Do you feel you’ve grown as an artist?

Yeah! You learn sumthin new everyday to enhance you as a person and artist.



What is your favourite track right now?

I would have to say all of them b cuz it depends on wut mood I’m in. This album has a mixture of all types of flavors and styles, but if I would have 2 do a over all select, I would have to say “Where Eva U Go”. It’s the last track on my album and the reason it’s the last track is b cuz I wanted to leave my fans with a positive message and that is “where eva u go wut eva u do jus make sure you do you, just do you / you got nuttn to prove but alot to loose / and wut eva you say it’s ok cuz hatas hate n e way / but they help push us to the top at the end of the day”.

What are your plans for the future?

In one word: “success”, and that’s in wuteva I do.

What do you think about the state of hiphop right now?

I feel we’re going thru a turn in the cypher, you know how everything repeats itself. Hip Hop making a turn back to real music, instead of the bubble gum hits that been running the radio.

What about a tour in Europe? When will you be on stage over here?

Hook it up and I’m on my way. *smiles*

How do you feel about racism in the USA?

It still exist but minority popularity over rules, so many bi-racial relationships now, it makes it kinda hard to hate your own grand baby or niece or sumthin, u know wut I mean?

What’s your opinion on Mr. Bush?

This economy was set up and built the way they wanted it, Bush is a human being like all of us, he’s capable to have fucked up ways and attitudes, but the difference is, his affect a whole nation, so I think it’s fucked up.

Please share your thoughts about the world we live in! What would you like to change and which things should always stay the same?

I wouldn’t change nuttn! And for the simmple fact is b cuz I know my God knows wut he’s doing, ain’t nuthing just all of a sudden happened, someone already built a plan on how this earth thing is gonna work so I’m let him do his job, u know wut I mean? I’m jus so happy to be here. *smiles*

What is your motto (if you’ve got one)?

Sure do!!! Let’s not limit the game let’s broaden it.

Any last words or comments? Is there anything else you’d like to say to the fans?

Yes!!! Keep God head of your life, and anything you believe in for yourself or anything else. It’s possible thru the man up high, so keep a positive attitude about life. It’s alot you got to life for so enjoy it in wuteva you do… “God bless”.

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