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Nach dem nur im Tapeformat erhältlichen “See Thru The Dirt” von 1999 und der drei Jahre später veröffentlichten “Calculate Depth Thru Introspect EP” hat Distrakt dieser Tage mit “Distraktions” ein zwar eher klassisch zugeschnittenes, aber doch originelles Debütalbum auf den Markt gebracht. Jasmin hat sich mit dem rappenden Beatmacher aus Colorado Springs unterhalten…



What stands the name Distrakt for?

Too much of the same out there, there’s no originality. Must distract you from the garbage and draw your attention towards something with more authentic skills. That’s when I decided to call myself Distrakt. Instead of complaining about the state of hip hop I contribute to doing something about it to get it back to real skills.

You’ve released your first album “Distraktions” recently. Are you satisfied with the final product?

Yes I’m very impressed with it.

Why would you recommend someone to buy your CD? What can the listeners expect from it that they don’t get anywhere else?

It’s original, soulful and it’s just on some raw hip hop. The record was made with feelings. My music is inspired by life experiences.

On the whole album there are no features, be it guest rappers oder other producers. Why did you chose to do the whole package on your own?

This record is my artistic expression and I wanted to share every angle of that with people. It’s home grown. I treated it like a meal that was prepared, cooked and served by me.

Listening to “Distraktions” I felt you were always on point when it comes to rapping and also watching your live videos it’s obvious you’re a great MC, but there are also some flaws on the production side. Do you see your self more as a rapper than as a producer?

Thank you. I love both. I never question which one I consider more, because all my music comes naturally from the soul. I make music for me. If it feels good it feels good and I won’t deny it. So things that may seem like flaws to others are actually accents in the beat that were felt at the time it was made. Music is about feelings and not tightly quantizing every track in a sequence by a computer. I like to keep it human and loose.



How was the feedback on your album?

Feedback has been great and yeah most definitely getting recognized. It’s a continuous process of generating awareness around the globe. Things are looking promising with each step.

Your sound is still that Boom Bap type of Hiphop and don’t coquet with nowadays Rap music trends. Do you think that the audience for such music is still very big? Are you happy with the album sales by now?

That’s real hip hop. We can’t let them forget that. They must be reminded of the authentic. There’s still and audience out there. Sales are growing with each strive.

What’s your general opinion on Rap music in 2006? Are there any cats out there that you can really feel?

It’s still here. Critics said it wouldn’t last, but it did and it’s even stronger. I’m a fan of hip hop, but I really feel Distrakt.

What can we expect coming from you in the further future?

Put more records out and do some producing. The new album is almost done and it’s dropping next year. Working on a couple of collaborations, but not going to saturate the album. It’s definitely going to be a Distrakt record and not a compilation, you dig.

Are there any artists you would like to work with?

Like to work with Prince Po, Pharoahe Monch, Ghostface, Madlib and MF Doom.

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think off Germany?

The culture and beer comes to mind. Absolutely!

I think that’s all from my side – do you have any last words or shout outs?

Like to thank UGRAP for spreading the word about Distrakt music. Want to let you know whoever is reading this now don’t stop going after your dreams. Make it happen, because the only thing between you and success is you.

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