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Evan Seinfeld (Biohazard)

Biohazard auf – das passt auf den ersten Blick nicht so ganz zusammen. Doch die Crossover Crew aus Brooklyn, New York hielt schon immer Kontakt zur Rapszene. Wir erinnern uns an die Collabo mit Onyx auf dem legendären “Judgement Night” Soundtrack, an Sticky Fingaz’ Gastauftritt in “New World Discorder”, an Sen Dog (Cypress Hill) und DJ Lethal (House Of Pain) auf dem 1995er-Album “State Of The World Address”. Aber wir müssen gar nicht erst bekannte Features bemühen, schließlich beinhaltet der typische Biohazard-Sound neben den Schwerpunkten Punk und Metal immer auch diverse Rapelement, nicht von ungefähr gibt die Crew als Einflüsse unter anderem Run DMC und Public Enemy an. Grund genug also, uns von Evan Seinfeld, dem Sänger und Bassisten der Crew auf den neuesten Stand bringen zu lassen. Der ist mittlerweile voll ins Pornogeschäft eingestiegen und pusht nach seiner Trennung von Tera Patrick nun die kolumbianische Aktrice Lupe Fuentes … und hat ganz nebenbei mit den Spyderz auch eine neue Band am Start. Bei so viel Arbeit fallen die Antworten dann schon mal etwas kürzer aus, aber sei’s drum – Rock’n’Roll!

Evan Seinfeld

Evan Seinfeld

Let’s kick off with your new band, The Spyderz. I dont like to categorize stuff, but to me this is pure rock music in the vein of the classic method when bands wrote real songs. What’s your description?

Classic outlaw Rock’N Roll. More about the music than most modern music. Classic.

I wasn’t surprised to hear your singing direction, cuz you put some melodic vocals into a few Biohazard songs too like “End Of My Rope”, “Cycle Of Abuse” or “Get Away”. So can we say that it was a natural step for you?

It was not only natural, but my first love was the melodic music of the sixties and seventies bevore I ever heard metal. I love soul, Motown, Rocks … ballads name it. Listening to vintage Rolling Stones right now.

What are your future plans with The Spyderz?

We have just finished our first full length album and it is being mixed by Toby Wright and Billy from Biohazard. As to what to do with it … we will see.

Since the reunion of Biohazard January 2008, you spent a lot of time with touring. What are your main experiences?

I love playing live. Biohazard is a legacy. It makes me high to see people in the pit going crazy and singing along. look forward to more of this.

Any word on the new Biohazard album?

We are about halfway done with writing the new Biohazard album. I think it is so fucking heavy, but also with some dark melody…

Is the fact that Bobby is back a plus inspiration for you to make an even better record with the original line-up?

For sure. Bobby is the secret ingredient to finding that ugly musicality known as Biohazard. He was part of the original intention and that feeling is back and stronger than ever.

Tell me about the years 2002 to 2004 when you first started in the porn industry as a CEO, actor and manager…

The porn business is awesome, very diy and punk/hardcore in a way – just a bigger market than music. Fans of underground music rarely pay of their music. Come to think of it, most fans of porn don’t pay for porn nowadays, maybe I’m just glutton for “punishment”.



With Biohazard, you had ups and downs, sold millions of records, played the biggest
tours/festivals, had a loyal fanbase, and all the issues with record companies, guitar-player changes at the same time. Can we say that these experiences made you start a second career?

Not really. I just attack everything full force. Biohazard was always great. Just received differently during cycles. I do what I have to do to survive, but I try my best to make sure it’s all fun and creative. I don’t sleep that much. Spend alot of time on my girlfriend’s career, Lupe Fuentes. I’m motivated and driven, I’ll sleep when I’m dead.

What are the main factors to keep maintaining, being productive and prosperous in different fields?

Inner drive and the ability to turn every negative into a positive…

You played one of the main characters in the TV series “Oz”. Do you have some concrete plans in another TV drama or movie for now?

I am up for a few movie roles, we will see what happens. I love acting and would love more opportunites. I play a bad guy in the new wicked movie, Speed.

Lupe Fuentes & Evan Seinfeld

Lupe Fuentes & Evan Seinfeld

You twittered that you are about to start a new metal group…can we know something about that?

Top secret! *laughs*

What’s your label situation with Biohazard and The Spyderz?

Biohazard is down our own label in the USA and a euro label for Europe, The Spyderz are still a mystery to me… *laughs*

What are your plans for the near future?

Some new technology business in adult. Shooting porn, making Rock’N’Roll music. And of course: cars, bikes, chicks and tattoos!

Evan Seinfeld doing the porn: Under 21 not permitted, haha!

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