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Infinito 2017 (2004)

Infinitio 2017 – rapper and painter – you seem to be multitalented…

Yes I’m Infinito 2017, the regular black dude from the South Side of Chicago. Kicking it with Unorthodox Poets Society (Infinito from South Side Dead City 2 Chicago and Mr. Skurge from hell South Memphis, Ten also I.T. (Infinito and Thaione), Something Important (that’s Souldchild and Infinito), I.F. (Infinito and Fifth Element), Personality Differences with Infinito and Cosmos Galactus, Left Hand Scorpio with Infinito and Panik from The Molemen, Restrainin Orda with DJ Form and Infinito and I’m working on an album with Molemen Records, should be dope. Also go to and get my DVD. The I.T. project “Low Income Housing” should be everywhere in the US and overseas real soon. Thaione did all the production and look out for that Egruks Music Compilation soon.

Infinito 2017

Infinito 2017

How did you come up with your name and what’s the meaning of the 2017? Somehow there is something special about it. A lot of rappers are naming themselves after random words etc. Your name is not that common name you can find everywhere in the game.

Yeah, Infinito was earned after continous rhymes. Mr. Skurge gave me the name when I lived in hell South Memphis, TN. Go to for info and 2017 comes from a certain time in life when I would like to be at the top of my creative heights when it all comes together you know like completion. Man, you know I live to be creative and always new and fresh cause I don’t drink nor smoke and never have. I’m a walking natural high.

Have you ever thought about, what else you would be occupied with if you wouldn’t be a musician? Where are you also talented in?

Well I paint and do tons of Art ( And if I didn’t do art I’d be directing videos you know I’ve made like 40 videos mostly of my songs. If not that I love black woman and they are the best thing other then life. So creativity is in me to all ways produce.

What were your major influences in your early years and would your style be different now when your influences had been some others?

Well that’s tuff. I’m dedicated to true hip-hop. I’m dedicated to the roots of civilization and the his-story of man on earth. Everything that exist started somewhere so that’s what I draw off of actual facts actual definition. When I started to like hip-hop it was raw and street it was creative it was black music for and by poor black people in the world. It was not some commercial marketing plan out to make wealth for anyone that touched it. It had a meaning. My early influences were my cousin known as Fatnice, KRS-1, Busy Bee, and A Tribe Called Quest, Public Enemy, Poor Righteous Teachers, Brand Nubians and others like that.

Do you think that you can influence some other peoples with your music and maybe in 10 years your are mentioned as a major influence by rappers of the upcoming generation?

I would love to do that. Really for these black kids in these ran down cities in the world. Because all they teach us poor black people is death, ignorance and money is power. I would like to teach that positivity, knowledge, life, unity in the Black World and creativity is important also. That this man started with a meaning and continued with the same goal he never crossed over to appeal and to please an audience that will never care for his well being.

Infinito 2017

Infinito 2017

In the past you moved to Memphis and back and forth to Chicago. Have those stations of your life influenced you in any way?

Yes very much. I moved to Atlanta also. I call it the “2017 triangle” (get a map and draw the route out from Chicago to Memphis to Atlanta and back to the south side of Chicago). Yes my mother travelled a lot when I was child it was good so that today I respect other’s ways of life. And I am not trapped in by one environment in the U.S. I now go where I please and all young black youth and men and woman all over should move at will no one should have control over another anytime. Slavery is bad.

I heard that Chicago is still one of the most racist and segregated cities. So how is living for black people in Chicago? Always a struggle?

Yes it is. Its like everyman for himself out here, do or die. It’s always a sacrifice, a struggle, a hunger. We search and look for some key to a better way in this world and in this city. The racism is like blinded hate know one sees it until it happens to them. Know one should talk about it every ones afraid. People don’t know there history, there I stork there self, you must know where you are from what you been threw always talk in facts and know what’s going on don’t ever forget. This city seems to want to keep the eye patch syndrome they can only see what they want. Black people in Chicago must learn to love each other more and learn each other and every ones culture to rise up from the state of sleep. Love yourself my people please. We all we got..

Is it hard to deal with the situation that a lot of people are just too stupid to accept you as an equal person and don’t consider you as a person belonging to another race?

You right they don’t accept you as you are, who you are, what you are, what you look like. It’s always the mask syndrome. People want you to act a certain way for the camera. Be a “Mami”, as my homies Thaione and Cosmo states. A uncle tom a step and fetch it porch monkey who has no facts. Rappers even be fake they don’t represent who they are, a lot of times they be like some ole corny no point of view “rappers”, no reason type of people. They only find it cool to be black when other true brothers are doing it. Man, I’m always going to be the regular black dude who teaches justice and peace with facts and a passionate heart on me. If we ever meet I will be the same as I am on videos record, on stage or any media. That’s why I’m multimedia man, Harold Letterman exit stage right exact.

What do you think about Chicago’s future? Do you think whether white people will ever care about black?

Not with they true heart. I will tell the world right now how black people feel about other. We don’t have hate in us as a whole people around the globe of colored people. We live carefree off the land and the roots of our labor. We are easy going, we don’t have a self destructive mentality. Now don’t get it twisted, there are a lot of black peeps everywhere who feel what ever the world has to give they will do. But for the most part we real mellow and non-violent. Brothers and sisters learn violence from years of torture and injustice and dumb Al Capone movies etc. That stuff means nothing. Get a book and learn something about the Olmecs and the Nubians and the black Holocaust in Ethiopia. That’s good info.

What does painting mean to you? Is it just a hobby or another way to express yourself?

No, it’s my only true expression that can’t be tainted or controlled. I like painters like Picasso who is a Scorpio like me born the day be for me on the 25th of October. I like Kerry James Marshall who is from Chicago like I, and Charles White. Among many other, painting gives me the freedom music can’t. Because if I never did another song for the masses to hear. I can still see my visions on my own time in space. In my own zone. It’s my true love besides the woman who will be with forever. It never tells me that’s not good enough. Art is always my friend and companion, it never rejects me.

I saw some paintings of you and all show black people either protesting or fighting with police. When I look in the faces of the people I see a lot of unsatisfaction. Is it that what you want to tell us with your paintings? That most Black people are unsatisfied about the situation in the US?

They not satisfied. See man, I talk to a lot of adults who are firmly grounded and community people for the people, straight Rasta’s and Gods and Earths. They don’t think the ignorance we see in the media is doing any just for us as a people or for any one who sees the foolishness. We are unsatisfied and feel like things could be a whole lot better. I mean like 70 to 80 percent better, it’s worse then Kobe, OJ, R. Kelly, and other stars. It starts with Mumia Abdul Jamal etc. We can go on with unsatisfied. We are a people with no economy of our own and no control or judge of our own lives. We are in a controlled european system that only cares about they laws and they religion yet dance and make money off of our sweat and tears.

Music With Sound Right Reasoning (2002)

Music With Sound Right Reasoning (2002)

Is it important to you that your paintings as well as your music must contain a message? A message that could perhaps influence people and put them on the right lane?

Yes, that would be the greatest respect! No money can top that. No wack beat by some ole soft willed producer can come close to that when you really stop the violence and bring peace. Get rid of the guns and and anger in the people. NRA is evil. The U.S. government our rulers and overlords.

Lets talk about your music. In 2002 you released your first official album “Music With Sound Right Reasoning”. A album full of personal and political lyrics. What is the meaning behind the title of the album?

Love, get love, get facts, don’t accept life, go learn, do research on all topics. Everything was written for a purpose. Be free, be honest.

What were your thoughts about the album after you got it done?

I thought it brought all my other 25 albums before that together. It was all my aliases all my thoughts at the time build up to bring about a full view of who I am. What I am. And I did not care who heard it. Just make sure the overview is Marcellous Lovelace better known as Infinito 2017. The regular black dude is real humble and on a quest, and is legit. A true positive black man who loves sex and fun just as the next but don’t have to sell it to be famous. Prosperity over death any day. I’d rather give a life then take it. I love the kids and I’m a Scorpio like Ole Dirty Bastard.

You also directed your own videos for the songs “Black Chicago” and “Shadow Hours”. Are you planning to shoot more videos?

Man, I’ve done like 20 more videos since then, I got tons of videos. I do that for the love of visual expression. I’m a true artist no dude out for fame. You can keep that fame that’s how you get caught up. I’d rather be broke.

How was the feedback on the album? Does negative feedback bother you in any way?

It was pretty much half and half reaction. It taught a bunch of people who I am. No it never bothers me. I like to hear what people have to say. Opinions are great it’s the way of the world. This album taught people that I’m a true researcher, emcee, artist and analyst who only uses facts in his research and thang.

I recently talked to PNS about the new releases on Molemen Records and he told me that your new album will be released in 2004. What can you tell us about it? Who will do the production on it and are there any guests to mention?

Well, it suppose to be the big baby. To me it’s just a step after the step. I’ve made over 30 albums or more I got a lot dude some good some not so good to others. But I love it all. The production is by all The Molemen. Them dudes are good teachers to hip hop, they know the art. They know they sound. I listen to a lot of beats, one thing I say that makes they beats better then most other peoples they BUMP regardless of the medium it’s heard on. They got they sound down packed man. The hard part with working on this album is patience and communication. See I’m an aloof nonchalant highly intelligent person with a big heart. I know me, well I’m with myself all the time and it’s hard to communicate with a being like myself. I mean it’s so hard to make an album that has been really critically analyzed before the mass of people decide. See I’m a just do it, who cares who likes it, type of person. But with Memo, PNS and Panik on production you dealing with some personalities. Dude, they are hardcore, ill, wild 100’s when it comes to being particular. This the only album I’ve made where I never listen to it because I’m afraid it might not make the band. You people should dig this I mean I’ve been threw stages on this one. This one did the job on my soul. It made me really dislike politics, and fanfare – phoney praise from crowds, magazines, groupies, all marketing plans and people who are in hip hop threw some corny job they got. Most people that got into this Hip Hop did it ’cause they were creating an outlet for they mind. My black brothers and sisters created hip hop from the soul. This is the true honest definition of black Music. Whew this joint man! All I’d like to say is I learned how to deal with opinions in making music. Sonja, Memo, Panik, PNS all get my respect they work real hard to run a tight ship. Folks don’t know. They deal with a lot of hateful, negative, stupid, ignorant, wannabe-hip-hop, wanna-be-some-other-rapper-they-saw-on-TV type of people and the Molemen get my respect for that. That’s hard. All love to the Molemen and collective. Album is in progress, you will get one to review.

Infinito 2017

Infinito 2017

I also heard that you will drop a album with Mr. Skurge under the name “The Return Of The Unorthodox Poets Society”. Any release date yet?

Naw it’s called “Left Hand Dead City Scrolls”, being we from 2 dead cities. He from Memphis, Tennesse and I’m from Chicago, Illinois. Where people care more about what they got then who they are and how they treat people. Love should be thought about, in the world it’s alot of hate. Unorthodox Poets is just two left-handed dudes who think like 85 percent alike that’s high Joe – that’s high, mane, keeping it unjiggy he’s not in the building…holla side wayzzz…

Are there some other artists out there you would like to do a collabo with?

Hmmm. Me, GM Grimm and MF Doom should do about 4 albums, hmmm me and Pete Rock yeah, Nas yeah, hmm Capital D and Juice, and Rhymefest and Tribe Called Quest with De La Soul, KRS-1, let me see and Madlib and Wild Child my scorpio bro, El Da Sensei, Cast Aire, Phantom 9, Sould Child, Fatnice is the illest, Mos Def, A.G., O.C., Pharoahe Monch, Qwazarr, Cosmos Galactus, Thaione Davis (this dude pretty dope), Kenny Keys (hey I said it), Sade that’s a pretty lady, Doc West Single Minded Pro, Yeah Dude, and Busy Bee remember from Wild Style, we would kill it! Oohh, Diamond D and Premier should really get at me about them beats, they know I’m working with no budget here. Holla Side Wayzzzz!!!

What about the Nacrobats project? Do you want to do an album with some artists from Chicago?

Yes I do. Nacrobats happened out of good faith. Pugslee Atomz is the leader and he made an album and I was involved in something that I wish was a lot more stronger. Being that we all black dudes mostly and didn’t stay strong together.

Would you team up again and record a second Nacrobats album?

Can’t answer, really don’t know. Pugs knows me and I’m loyal to any cause when black me are being real.

What can we expect of Infinito as a musician in the future? You got any plans for some new projects?

More videos and more overseas and in more ghettos around the world. More facts and reality without the fake drama. Just more interesting music from the complex aggression organizors Unothodox Poets Society, Infinito 2017 and Mr. Skurge Kingass. Left Handed Mannnneee … my new album and mixtape Molemen vs. Infinito. Yeah, mixed by DJ Waht from Memphis, maannneee…

What do you think about hip-hop these days?

It could have more meaning and historic truth and reality, facts and some more soul in it. Oh yeah, these wack engineers need some bass in they mixes, I used to live in the south bass treble and mids are essential. All this fake Protool Production be sounding dry and flat. They need to get analog like my man Mixx Massacre, where are you guy… and Bob Power was dope, too. These clowns need to overstand what bumping mean. At least Lil Jon them stuff be bumping.

If here in Germany is someone who would book you, would you come out here? for some dates?

OHHH YESS, my # is 773-222-2399. Yes, I would be there in a heart beat cause as I’m writing this I work a wack job, at Dunking Donuts, Basking Robbins, Togo’s and it succckkksss buuttt, PLEASE BOOK INFINITO IF YOU GET THE CHANCE! Advance flights and shows will help also, hit me at the 3 or, or Email me, Mane!!

Here’s some place for your shout outs. Thanks a lot for your time.

I love my moma, my brother, his kids he named after me, and my Madear and my family, all my uncles that make nephew of Frank and my entire family. Y’all the only ones who keep me fed. I love my aunts and family on and on. And yo family to wade and y’all. My true brothers, you know who you are. Love all, be positive, Peace. Be yourself, all ways original. to see Infinito videos. It’s way more then those, make your radio station play me and video stations also. I got alot. I’m definately not in the building, Harold Lettermen regular black dude…

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