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Jay Young

Nach einer Handvoll Mixtapes steht Houston-Rapper Jay Young kurz vor dem Release seines offiziellen Debütalbums “Never Seen It Coming”. Don $P (G’z 4 Life Promotion) stellt uns einen Newcomer vor, der mit seinem Label Showtyme Ent. jetzt ganz groß durchstarten will.

Jay Young

Jay Young

First, please introduce yourself to the readers who may not have heard of you before.

I go by the name of J.A.Y. Young reppin’ Showtyme Entertainment out of Houston, Tx.

Where did you grow up and what was it like?

I grew up in the great state of Texas. Growing up here musically it was all about DJ Screw and the whole Screwed Up Click movement. As far as outside Texas, we vibed with West Coast music more than anything. Texas is your typical southern state, hot summers, good food, pretty women, candy painted cars, the usual southern vibe.

How would you characterize yourself?

Im a very laid back person, I have a small circle of people I deal with and I keep it that way because crowds tend to bring trouble. I wouldn’t say I’m a flashy individual but I like nice things, Im definitely a sneaker head. In life I’ve learned that loyalty can take you a long way so Im definitely loyal. I love to travel and learn new cultures. We’re actually working on getting some shows out of the country now so Im real excited about that.

When did you first start rapping?

I first started writing rhymes when I was 12 or 13. I started persuing rap professionally when I was around 18.

What about your musical roots?

Being a Texan, Screw music is a definite part of my roots along with old school soul music.

What about slowed music, who’s the best DJ in that category right now? And do you have a favourite Screw-Tape?

Since Screw passed I dont really follow it like I used to honestly I just never got into the other stuff like that, back then I was close-minded when it came to screwed music. If DJ Screw didnt do it, I really wasnt trying to hear it. As far as a favorite tape I have a few of them. “Only Rollin’ Red”, “Straight Wreckin”, “9-4 shit”, “Ridin’ Dirty”, “Flippin’ 2 da Classic” man the list goes on and on those are just tapes off the top of the head I still got at the crib.

Complete the following sentences:

Houston is… A beautiful city with lots of opportunity. Its also the Mecca of Texas hip hop culture.
I hate… rappers that say Im not a rapper.
I luv… my family.
Friday night at the bar – my bottle is filled with… ice cold water.
Barack Obama is… someone who changed the course of black history in the U.S.

Jay Young

Jay Young

Tell us something about the history of the label you’re signed to, Showtyme Enterrainment!

Showtyme Entertainment formed in 1999 an has been pushing ever since. I got with the label in 2002 and have dropped numerous underground projects since then. Right now we’re working towards the release of my debut album “Never Seen It Coming” We have dealt and worked with artists from everywhere major label and underground. We have over came all kinds of adversity to get to the point we’re at now. We’ve got a couple of situations on the table now. Hard work and persistence are key. You may hear 100 no’s before you hear that one yes.

People are really tired of the mixtape game but you’ve just released a mixtape called “Exordium Vol. III.” in April 2010. What’s up with the “Exordium” mixtape series?

The Exordium mixtape series is just basically us emptying the vault just a little bit. I’ve recorded hundreds of songs since I’ve been with Showtyme Ent. so we just decided to start putting music out to kind of introduce me to the fans and give them a taste of my musical talent. There are going to be 4 series in all, we just dropped Vol 3, Vol 4 will be available next month. Volumes 1-3 are all available on itunes now. Once all four volumes are out then we’re going to release a box set which features all four volumes for all the collectors and J.A.Y. Young fans out there

Jacked Beats or orginal production?

99.5% original production on the Exordium series.

Where can those be purchased?

They can be purchased right now on itunes and

What’s going on with your group B.G.A. (Black Guerilla Army)? – Who are the members? Give us some Information about that project…

BGA is made up of me, D Jap and Titanik. We’ve recorded a bunch of songs for that project but have not just sat down and decided a direction for the album or anything. I cant give you a direct time period for that project, but its coming.

Your first real solo album “Never Seen It Coming” is set to be released this summer – what can expect from that record?

My album is gonna be a refreshing album. An album that has never been heard before from an Texas artist. Honest music, lyricism, but overall jammin’ music. Most of the production on here is being handled in house by Chris B. but there are some other possiblilities out there. I may give y’all a joint with Mannie Fresh on the boards yall just gotta wait and see.

What about signing to a major, possibly to enter the mainstream?

We’ve got a couple of situations on the table now, so “Never Seen It Coming” just may come out on a major label.

I wish you big success for your first solo release. One last question: what do you know about Germany and it’s people?

I know its a lot of military people over there from the U.S. and that hip hop is huge over there. I cant wait to come over there and rock some shows.

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