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Necro (2004)

How did you come up with the name Necro and did you have any other names before?

I was first Mad Mooney which was a character from a Clive Barker book. The guy was a sicko that wrote poems, so I thought it was cool. It was ok, but then I changed it to Necrophiliac cuz I was influenced by deathmetal and alot of deathmetal names were brutal like that. But too many girls would ask me if I fucked dead bodies, and I didn’t, I liked living girls, so I said I can’t have that name and it got shortened to Necro, which is good cuz it has way more meaning. It’s the pre-fix for death, hence the album title plus death is unknown. You never know what I’m gonna do next, always next level, Necro.



In what kind of area do you live? Did you move from the poor part of Brooklyn where you grew up?

I live in a mixed area with all kinds of people. It’s not as poor as when I grew up, but poor is poor. Most people are poor. I probably make more money than most of my fans fathers but that’s cuz I’m a hustler and grind hard. I started out poor, started selling drugs, learned how to hustle and then applied it to the music business. But I don’t live rich now at all, all my loot goes into the company. I could be rocking fat diamonds and insane cars. But then I couldnt make moves like I need to, I’ll have all that shit eventually and being I never grew up with riches. When I finally have it like that I will appreciate it, unlike these kids that were born rich and they take it all for granted. Everything we get we appreciate it whether its the cover of HipHop Connection to my first metal feature in Decibel, to anything that happens to me day to day that helps push Necro forward. It all feels good, cuz its from my hard work and I did it myself. Of course with the help of my peoples, family and business friends, but not from a corporation. I have real fans, and I wasn’t handed money to make this label. This label was built on $1,000 that I earned myself, in the streets from selling drugs and beats. So its like watching a child grow, a child that will be loyal to me and take a bullet for me in this war where HipHop is shot and being shot at by the enemy. Do you know who the enemy is???? If you don’t then you aren’t really a part of this movement!!

Please describe a typical day in your life…

I’d rather not cuz none of my days are typicial. I’d rather stay mysterious, just understand that at some point. I will be sticking my dick in some hot pussy and leaving some girls cunt in pain at least every other day.

Your lyrics are full of gore and sex. Why do you rap about that? What are your influences when you write?

I rap about alot of shit, but most people only see the gore and the porn, but I touch on everything if you analize my lines. My real fans know the deal cuz they actually give a shit about my lyrics. But the reason I rap how I rap is because the world is like this or I have lived it or its something I might do or I’m painting a picture. I like my music extreme and technical and obscure and original, so I do what others don’t do and most can’t do what I do, so I have my niche.

How did you get the idea that cannibalism is legal in germany like you said on “The Pre-Fix For Death”?

I did research. There was a case of a cannibal in germany and his laywers tried to use that angle, but I think they got the guy on other charges. But if I’m correct and not wrong, cannibalism is legal in Germany.

Are you still in touch with Captain Carnage, who – besides Ill Bill, Gortex and you – was a member of the crew called Goons?

No, Carnage is cut off, he is not built for the hard work of this game plus he has a wife that has halitosis (chronic bad breath disease). And she is a pure hater of my movement, so being Carnage is controlled by this creep. Their is not much that can be done, but the goons is the past, it’s now all about the Circle of Tyrants.

Many listeners are very satisfied with the qualitiy of the lps that you recently produced and released (“What’s Wrong With Bill”, “Barn Of The Naked Dead”, “The Pre-Fix For Death” etc). But don’t you think that putting out too much music might diminish the qualitiy of the music in the long run? And aren’t you afraid that your listeners might get bored?

No, I have no fear at all, because I dropped 5 bangers in a row and the fans thought every album was quality. Plus they felt not one album sounded the same, and they got their quantity which fulfilled their addiction for musical heroin. So I did good this year. I don’t think a Necro/ Non-Phixion fan could ever get bored of ours rhymes cuz we are awesome!! I know that sounds egotistical because I am egotistical!!!! We are the fucking sickest, and fans want as much as they can get. I can’t drop albums fast enough to fulfill the demand I have.



Do you plan to collaborate with more underground rappers who are not from New York?

Maybe. We will see. I ain’t sweating no other rappers. The rappers I grew up loving don’t know who the fuck I am and if they do they don’t give a shit about me. So i’m not paying some motherfucker alot of money for him to rap on my record and forget who I am when he is asked about Necro in an interview. Fuck that shit. When the whole world knows me and I get that real respect globally on a level higher than the underground (cuz I’m respected globally in the underground) then maybe you will see necro rhyming with some legendary cats. Until then I gotta build my legend and the legend of my artists and label.

You released an album with rare demos & freestyles by Ill Bill. Do you contemplate to release something similar by Goretex, Sabac, Mr. Hyde or even Captain Carnage?

Well Goretex doesn’t wanna look for his old shit. If he ever does and wants me to drop it, I might do it. But I asked him once and he wasn’t interested. He said he had nothing, and I know he has mad shit. He has shit of me probably, we used to rhyme in his house for hours. He must have some crazy freestyle sessions, but Gore is Gore, so it’s on him.

How did you hook up with the Soul Kid Klik for your appearance on their album?

I know the owner of the company from way back but we haven’t recorded anything yet. I just told him I would be down, so we’ll talk about it when it actually happens.

Being a jew, how would you describe your attitude towards Germany?

Well, it’s weird I suppose. I have hate for Nazis, but it would be wrong to hate all Germans as I have alot of fans that are German. It would be like blacks hating all white people and judging me for something I didn’t do, cuz I never did anything wrong to blacks, nor did my family. So I can’t blame all germans for what happened to the Jews, but I won’t lie and I say I won’t feel weird in Germany. I will be leery of certain people and quick to punch someone in the face if the disrespect, but as far as my fans, they get treated equal like everyone else did.

I heard that your ancestors have to flee from europe during WW2. Where were they from?

My grandmother (r.i.p.) was a holocaust survivor and her brother was killed by the Nazis. She told us stories of having to jump over dead bodies to get away from the Nazis. Shit was real for her so she was a very nervous person and would flip out on people real quick. She lived in the projects with us in a different building. She would run through the projects screaming Billy’s name out if she was looking for him. She didn’t give a fuck, she was gangsta. I think she was born in Russia and then lived in Poland, not sure exactly.

What’s your view on the current and future situation in israel, now that Jassir Arafat has passed away? What’s your opinion on the position of the Jews worldwide in general?

From what I understand Arafat was a piece of shit, and never wanted peace. He turned down many offers. Not to say Sharon is a saint either, but I never heard anything good about Arafat, so I can’t say much except what I know. I feel most likely both sides are wrong and both sides can have peace if they wanted peace, if they agreed on a solution. But both sides hate each other too much for years, and they have had war after war with each other. Israel always winning, even after fighting 6 arab countries at once they were victorious, so I’m sure the Arab nation hates Israel as much as anyone can hate someone, and vice versa. So it will be hard for that shit to be resolved. I have Israeli family in Israel and my parents are both Israeli so I have love for Israel. But more for the land and the people, not the government. I don’t know much about the government on either side and I feel most government is corrupt so I have no stance. I wish their was peace in the middle east, then I would feel more comfortable visiting there. But this is not my thing, I wasn’t born there. I’m from Brooklyn, New York and this is my home. Although I have love for israel cuz I have ties to it, I feel no racism toward any culture. I only hate people that hate me, if you show me love I will give you love back.



What do you think about rappers like Paris who concur with your political opinions, e.g. concerning George Bush, but who at the same time advocate the islam?

Well Paris is a full fledged racist. I read some of his lyrics and he is dissing Jews and white people, so he can suck a dick. I got no respect for racists. The militant shit I respect if its real but racism is gay. I been a victim of it as much as anyone in New York or the United States and I don’t like it. I don’t say racist shit in my raps, I’d rather say something enlightening if I’m even gonna go there like the whole Sabac movement, where he gives solutions and insight instead of blatant racist shit. But whatever, nobody seems to give a fuck, after all Jews started organized crime so we are the biggest sickos, we taught everybody how to be gangsta!!!!

Many people here in germany are not very happy about the re-election of George Bush. Are you also afraid about further attacks on privacy of U.S. citizens and about Bush’s next steps in his “war on terror”? How far do you think will he go?

Well Bush is a criminal gangster thief. He is the illest, part of the illest crew, their crew is all kinds of people: blacks, whites, arabs, you name it. They have a whole international click of sickos that are the biggest criminals ever, and guess what? You can’t beat them, they got their Colin Powells, Dr. Rices, Bushs. Saudi arabian sheiks, their team is sick, and they have billions, what the fuck are we gonna do???????? Most of us can’t even run a company, most work a 9 to 5. You ain’t shit compared to them and their power, their juice. They control the earth, and they will rob countries and kill people like its nothing. It’s the world, it’s nothing new, it’s been going on since before christ. So I kind of feel it is what it is, I just wanna do for myself and through that feed my family and then help other people see the light. But I can’t change that shit, the world is run off death, and robbery, and crime, and lies. It’s what the creator of earth did, he gave humans choices to do what we want, and this is what people of power do. Anything they can to keep the power. Like in any business, even this piece of shit music business, and the drug game, in all games of business their is cut throats as well as the worlds governments.

What are your hobbies besides making music? What do you do in your freetime?

I just bought 2 new guitars, one electric and one acoustic. I’m sharpening my skills now cuz I only started to replay in 2004 when I started doing the metal remixes. But I hadn’t really played for years and I’m real good. So now I wanna make myself insane on guitar, that’s a hobby of mine. I like to be with girls in my spare time as well, fuck them hard and verbally abuse them for my amusement. That’s a good way to spend free time, as well as working out and doing many other things like making beats, watching movies, and spitting in people’s faces.

Will you and/or NonPhixion do some shows in Germany in the near future?

Yes, when I tour the world I will also tour Germany of course. I have Groove Attack distribution and they push me in Germany and we have a huge fanbase so I have to show love to the kids.

What’s your opinon about German and French Hip Hop?

I think its cool, HipHop in general is dope. I don’t understand foreign hiphop so it would be hard for to know if its good. But I’m sure kids are doing their thing. I did a verse on the Raptile album which came out on BMG Germany. I dissed Hitler in the song and the whole verse is German referances which I never did in a song before. Like I said in one line, “Hitler was gay, he rocked a pink triangle”, and “faggot I’ll murder you over a piece of schnitzel”, or “I’m fiending to collaborate with David Hasselhoff”. So that is something for you to check out if you are interested.

Name your favorite book, movie, actor, place in the world, drug, rapper.

Any book with knowledge I can use, Scarface, probably Pacino, Brooklyn, NY, food, myself.

Where do you see yourself in like 10 years?

I will be a multi millionaire for sure. Possibly a billionaire, but sitting on 10 million for sure. Maybe 50 million, possibly 100 million.Either way I will be doing better than I am now and now I’m doing pretty good, decent, so it can only go up from here.

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