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Stahhr Tha Femcee

Ich kann mich noch gut daran erinnern, wie ich das erste Mal die Stimme von Stahhr Tha F.E.M.C.E.E. durch die Boxen tönen hörte: mit ihrem Gastauftritt auf Micranots “Obelisk Movements” bewies die ursprünglich aus Memphis (Tennesse) stammende und heute in Atlanta (Georgia) residierende Rapperin, dass der schmutzige Süden weit mehr zu bieten hat als nur Big Ballin’ und 187 Redrum. Im Laufe der Zeit konnte The Impress Official noch den ein oder anderen bemerkenswerten Gastvers einrappen (für Jugga The Bully und The Prophetix etwa) und steht heute im direkten Kontakt zu Größen wie MF Doom oder The Scienz Of Life, welche an der Entstehung einer “parallelen” Underground-Szene im Süden der Staaten maßgeblich beteiligt sind. Nach der Veröffentlichung der 4-Track-12-Inch “Rhymefluid” arbeitet Stahhr kontinuierlich auf ihr Metal Face Records Albumdebüt hin. Jetzt stand die Dame im Rede und Antwort – sprach über sich, ihre Musik und ihre Zukunft. Bringt euch auf den neuesten Stand…

Stahhr Tha Femcee

Stahhr Tha Femcee

Who are you? Please introduce yourself to the peeps in Germany.

Peace peace, guten Tag Deutschland! Stahhr Tha Femcee aka IMpress Official live and in colour.

Is there any special meaning behind your name?

Yes… F.E.M.C.E.E. stands for Feminine Energy Mastering Creativity to Elevate Eternal. I chose Stahhr because I shine like one, and IMpress Offical is self explanatory. I am an impress like Tzu Shi.. tha Dowager Empress. She was a very powerful woman. And it’s official. Know This.

Why did you start rappin? Tell us something about your first lyrical steps.

I always wrote since I could hold a fat crayon. In high school I really got deep into HipHop, the culture, everything. It gave me a ruch.. boosted my confidence.. inflated my alter ego. It was actually a fluke that I even started rhyming. I was supposed to be a nude model. HipHop just possesed me u kno? My head started spinning, I had a Linda Blair excorcist episode. (laughs)

So, how would you describe your style?

The stereotype on how to rock mics right. Unpredictable. Abstract intellectualism. I’m a pink machine gun.

Today your working with underground-heavyweights like MF Doom, The Scienz Of Life or The Prophetix. How did you meet them?

I was on the Micranots “Obelisk Movements” album. It was thru them that I was introduced to Dumile (Doom) and the Scienz. We were always in the same circles, so we just naturally gravitated towards each other. I actually met all of them at a Micranots show… so big up to I Self Divine and Kool Akiem.

Are there any other artists you can relate to?

Del, Kool Keith, Omega Moon, Phyllis Hyman, C-Rayz Walz, Jim Morrison, JuJu from the Beatnuts, Christina Aguilera… sometimes we all wanna get “Dirty”, Tha Rza, Jean Grae, all the misinterpreted, misunderstood artists. I relate to anyone who says what the fuck they want to say and doesn’t care who it offends. Eccentricity is an admirable trait.

Who would you like to do a records with? Why?

Ghostface – it would be the most confusing song ever, mad double entendres, ill wordplay. Redman – he’s my favorite MC. He’s the reason why i wanted to rhyme from the beginning. Rah Digga – I love her attitude! Erykah Badu – it’s a pisces thing. Badu iz so fierce! The recording booth would explode after tha session. Too much flyness. Peedi Crack or Juelz Santana – yeah… thats right… just to piss off anyone with that “backpacker” mentality. It’s more that just lights, cameras and incense over here. I got a lil’ grimeyness in my genes too, Del, Prince Po, Special Ed, Steele from Smif & Wessun – all on one song b/c the 5 of us would blend so well. They have always inspired me along with Redman. And Pharrell Williams. I love that guy!! I’d sing on that one!! (laughs)

Are you inspired by other types of art besides hiphop? (Literature, films…)

Yes.. I’m so feeling Octavia Butler right now. She’s a Sci-Fi author and she’s phenomenal. Stanley Kubrick films get me open. His cinematography is ill!! African dance really inspires me also. I love the movement.

Stahhr Tha Femcee

Stahhr Tha Femcee

What’s your opinion about the females in today’s HipHop-Scene? Is there a need for change?

We need to work together more. Females as a whole need to get their personal shit in order, because art imitates life. I used to really hate chicks like Kim and Trina, but now.. I have more respect for them because I have seen how hard it is being a woman in male domintated HipHop. U are going to be exploited no matter what u do.. at least they are willfully choosing their method of exploitation. They make it easier for me because I’m nothin like them, so people will be open off of that difference, u know? The other change is more money in my pocket. Thats the change I’d like to see.

How has the internet affected your life and your career?

The internet rocks! I’ve made lots of overseas contacts thru this medium, met some ill MCees and producers, learned how to make molotov cocktails, recieved marriage proposals… U know, all that fly shit.

Do you have a favourite rap-line written by yourself / by somebeody else?

Wow.. there are so many.. I love everything I write… so let me focus on someone else… Everything Ghost said on “Wildflower”. I love his style!! He’s so emotional!

What makes the world go round?

Pussy of course… can I say that? And revenge. Lots of people are always trying to pay somebody back for something. We need to just burn one and chill. Make love not war!

If you owned a time machine wich could transport you about 10 years forwards or backwards in time – which direction would you choose?

Backwards, because ’93 was one of my best years, I was so in love with HipHop then.

Is HipHop dying?

The pure essence will never die. I think the culture is being strained right now and misinterpreted. Its not dead until I say so!!

You own a fashion-label named 7th Chakra, which “specializes in customized chrocheted headwear”. Give us some details please.

7th chakra offical impressionz- I’ve merged 2 of my companies. I now manufacture crochet bikinis, skirts, dresses, tops, wristbands, headbands, belts, handbags. I do all my own work by hand and I gets down for mine. Its a cool hustle that fills in when those advance checks are late.

Stahhr Tha Femcee

Stahhr Tha Femcee

Ok a little time-out. I’ll give you a word, you write down the first thing that’s on your mind…

God – me

Wisdom – comes from experience

Hell – going with out sex

Fun – money for doing nothin!

Sucker – punch

The Dirty South – carpetbagger

Love – iz bullshit

George W. Bush – antichrist

Is Stahhr Tha F.E.M.C.E.E. the next star rising from the south?

I don’t doubt it. I have all the ingredients it takes to be a superstar. (laughs)

Where do you see your career going in the next few years?

I plan to be touring overseas, putting out some vinyl every 3-6 months, modelling and acting. Total world domination!!! Watch out, Oprah… I’m coming for your spot!

Are there any other goals you have?

Personal shit, like being a mama and a wife. Living comfortably without having to work for someone else. I would love to be able to take care of my parents so they didn’t have to work anymore. and I want to go to Egypt and touch the Pyramids.

Which records do you have out yet? Which albums should we check out for guest-appearances?

Well.. the “Rhymefluid”-12″ is still bubbling. I’m on the King Ghidorah “Take Me To Your Leader” album on the joint “Next Levels” and the MF Doom “MM…Food”-album, ummm… the joint is titled “Entenmans”. I have a 12″ coming out in Australia with Nuffsaid Records, some stuff with Prof. Griff’s band 7th Octave, and various mixtapes ( DJ Shi’ite, DJ Mafioso’s La Bodega, Royal Elastics, etc.).

And what’s comin up next?

Metal Face is puttin out a 12″ called “Grandmaztaz” and sometime after that a full length. I’m also working on a reality show (“The Lab”). Look for that sometime in the near future on cable.

Your first full-length-album “Almost Never Was” will also be put out on Metal Face Records – when will it hit the stores and will there be any guests on it?

Yeah.. theres some super secret guest appearances. But I have no release date yet.

Is there anyone else we should know blowin’ up in your area?

Definetely keep your eyes open for the Liuns Den, Firestarters, Omega Moon, Binkis Records, 4ize, Psyche Origami, The Secret S.V.C., The Hemisphere,, Aphro, DJ King Majestik.. too many cats to name yo!!!

In conclusion do you have any shoutouts or last words?

Get it while the gettin is good cuz this whole world is on some bullshit right now. Do u to tha fullest and don’t worry about things u have no control over. Cop all Stahhr Tha Femcee music and paraphenalia. Worship tha IMpress… u know u want too!

What’s the first thing you gon’ do after having answered all these questions?

Look for my million dollar check in the mail 4 these priceless words… (laughs)

Thank you for takin the time.

No problem main. I had fun!! Peace….

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