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Tommy Gunn

Die letzten Interviews mit Megalon kamen alle aus dem Kittchen – handgeschrieben, von beflissenen Fans sorgfältig eingescannt und ins Netz gestellt. Derzeit ist der Rapper aus New York zur Abwechslung mal wieder auf freiem Fuß und kann sich vorerst in aller Ruhe um die Veröffentlichung seines zweiten Albums “Tha Nickel Bag” kümmern. So wortgewaltig sich der Monsta Island Czar in seinen Songs auch immer gibt – in unserem Interview beschränkt er sich auf’s Nötigste. Substanz haben die Antworten trotzdem: neben konkreten Ankündigungen zum neuen Album, für das man mit Bruder Ray Long eine neue Gruppe mit dem klangvollen Namen Heartz Ov Darkness aus der Taufe gehoben hat, und der Bekanntgabe einer definitiven Namensänderung erklärt der mit Vorliebe maskiert auftretende Rapper in zwei Sätzen auch gleich noch die Ära der Monsta Island Czars für endgültig beendet. Man darf gespannt sein was es dazu auf dem hoffentlich bald erhältlichen, größtenteils von X-Ray produzierten Album noch alles zu hören gibt…



You’re fresh out of jail – what have you been incarcerated for?

Drugs and assaults.

Did you get any support from your fans while you’ve been behind bars?

Hell yeah, I got mail from all over the world when I had to do a 3 to 6 upstate. They inspired me so much that I wrote lyrics for the 5 cent, 10 cent, 25cent, 50cent, $1.00, $5.00, $10.00, $20.00, $50.00 and the $100.00 dollar bill albums. On some real shit!

What about the release of your new album – when will it be out?

It’s called “Tha Nickel Bag”. Me and my lil’ brother Ray Long went song for song damn near on 13 real hood music joints. Me and Ray Long is a group called “Tha Heartz Ov Darkness”. And I got Panama P.I. Tha O.G. from Queens on it. And of course some real deep samples from some real peopel as far as I’m concerned. It’ll be released in the middle of August and September 21st – my earth day. In August it’s gonna be available digitally and in September CDs are going to be sold for my niggaz with CD players.

What’s your opinion about the new generation of Monstas? Doom refers to them as “midgets into crunk”…

On some real shit! That whole M.I.C. shit is over and Doom is too. The root of all evil made us break up. There’s a song on my LP just for him called “U Was My Son”.



Rumors say that you boxed Doom down once – is that true and if yes: what happened?

I beat him down on stage – nuff said!

What can we ecpect from Megalon in the near future? How are chances that you can concentrate on doing music?

First of all, Megalon is dead. I don’t use that name, that was only four Grimm’s group. I am Tommy Gunn Tha Black Geezus Ov Rapp and you can’t expect millionaires being made in one day on some g-shit. It’s hard for a fake MC to concentrate on doing music, but for a true poet and true b-boy it’s never a problem. Never! It’s just like breathing…

Is there a certain feeling you try to spark of in the listener’s head through your music?

Yes, I try to give some of these 15-year old kids the kind of real hood music that I came up listening to. That EPMD, that Rakim, G Rap, M.O.P., Mobb Deep, C.L. Smooth, the Young Wu, Redman, Nas, Jay-Z and Smoothe The Hustler New York shit. Like my nigga Pac and my motherfucker Biggy Smalls did it. I’m not trying to bring the east back and all that sucker shit like other rap cats be saying. But me and my brother is stricktly making that music for real niggas, bitches and thugs! Just that real HipHop, need I say more? Go cop my 5 cents LP, aight?

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