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Billy Cook

Seit einigen Jahren schon besingt Billy Cook Superstar wirklich alles was nicht bei drei auf’m Baum ist. Er ist mit halb Houston zusammen im Studio gewesen und momentan dabei seinen Wirkungskreis weiter auszubauen. Skreel bringt uns auf den neuesten Stand der Dinge…

Billy Cook

Billy Cook

Sup Billy, how are you?

What’s up peoples, I’m doing great like Tony The Tiger!

First of all, please introduce yourself to those readers who may not have heard of you before.

First of all for those who have never heard of me or my sound – I’m Houston, TX’s best kept secret, the Iverson and Michael Jordan of R&B. I’ve appeared on over 300 records and sung on over 400 songs, sometimes I loose count when these songs float from out of nowhere. *laughs* Like Messy Marv from the Bay Area, Eightball & MJG , Juvenile & UTP, Big Mike from the Geto Boys, Do Or Die, Twista, Scarface, Bun B, Chamillionaire, Lil Keke, Fat Pat, the new S.U.C album, Trae & Z-Ro From Guerilla Maab, S.L.A.B, Paul Wall, Mike Jones, Slim Thug, Swisher House – just to name a few… *laughs*

Are you an H-Town native? If so, what part of the city are you from?

Yes I am, I live in the Missouri City area.

What led you to become a singer? Have you also been a rapper at one point in your career?

I was blessed as a child with a gift. Naturally, singing came easy been singing since I was 4 years old, yes now as a matter of fact! So move over some of you rappers, let an R’N’B gangsta in! *laughs* I’m on both sides of the spectrum.

What pitch does your voice have? And what is your routine of getting the voice into rhythm before performing or recording?

I’m very flexable when it comes to pitch and keys. I sing tenor, alto, bass, baritone, also falsetta. Ocassionally when I need to sing soprano, I don’t have to warm up as much as I used to because I had so much practice over the years but now I just sing and I love doing that. Also I’m always lookin’ out for a different tune that’s a rhythm getter, nahamean…

How does it feel to be the “voice” of H-Town?

It feels so good being the voice of H-Town, it’s been a struggle to get here, and I’ve been the voice for quite sometime now. Alot of people and artists – including rappers – look up to me and themselves too are fans.

Are there other R&B/Soul artists that you look up to?

Yes, there are, and the ones I look up to have passed through and on – R.I.P to the legends of R&B & Urban Soul.

And do you think the game has too many singers that are just mediocre or even worse, with rather generic styles?

Yes and no, ’cause without the mediocre and the worse some would not step their game up, also some of the generic styles in some instances are what’s in today and getting better depending on the singer…

Certified Platinum (2000)

Certified Platinum (2000)

There are quite a few rappers from Houston that also sing, like K-Rino, Trae, Z-Ro, Chamillionaire to name some. Would you say that this is a speciality of your city?

Yes it’s definitely a South thing, we do it all!

Your solo debut “Certified Platinum” was released through Def Soul. How was the cooperation with a major label?

Actually Def Souf… sorry I have to correct that ’cause alot of people will go and look at that label to see if I have product there, nahmean. Def Souf was really an independent label but it was all good, it worked itself out, Def Jam bought the name from us because of the word ‘def’ that’s all she wrote…

What about going back to a major, possibly to enter the mainstream? Alot of Houston acts have had successful albums in 2005. Would you say that your music has the same potential and/or intention behind it?

Yes, I’m interested in another major label deal. Currently I’m working with BMG 1965, our new hot label, which is the Battiste Muzic Group 1965.

Let’s talk about your next full-length. It will be called “The Truth”, right? What “Truth” can we expect to hear, and how’s the process going?

You can expect the truth for real, that’s real talk I have alot to Say: 18 songs worth with major features to back me up, nahmean. And the process is going wonderful!

Any features that you already can confirm?

Bun B, Chamillionaire, C-Note, Archie Lee from The Hard Heads, Trae, Shawn Harris from B.E.T Comic View, Congo Dus, Ray Ray, they are BMG 1965 artists. Also Yung Chill, Fat Pat, 3-2 – the album is serious.

Billy Cook

Billy Cook

You’ve released some mixtapes over the last months. What’s up with the “Hydro”-CDs? I saw the covers on a flyer, looking clean and all. Where can those be purchased?

Directly from BMG 1965, our office number is 281-726-228-2, the e-mail address is – my website is, also

What about slowed music, who’s your favourite DJ in that category right now? And do you have a favourite Screw-Tape?

I have four: DJ screw (R.I.P), Big Chance, Pollie Pop and Michael 5000 Watts. My favorite Screw-Tapes are the Hydros 1 to 7.

Aight, we’re near the end. You got anything to say to your steady growing fanbase in Germany?

I love Y’all, you’re the greatest! Thanks for the support, if it wasn’t for you supporting me in Germany, I wouldn’t have fans in Germany. I will be there soon, just let everyone you see in the streets know you are a Billy Cook Superstar fan to the fullest and that I’m the truth in the booth. Also thanks to and Skreel for the hook-up and link. Big ups homie, let’s get this cash! *laughs*

Thanks alot for taking the time – any last words?

No problem, it was my pleasure. Last but not least – BMG 1965 I love ya, bussitopen baby!

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