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Trotz einigem Hin und Her im Vorfeld und mehreren Unterbrechungen während des Gesprächs (durchaus amüsant, wie Dice seine durchklingelnden Homies wegbellte) sind wir stolz euch vorliegendes Interview mit einem der wohl angesehensten Underground Rapper aus Detroit präsentieren zu können: Dice, The Neighborhood Shit Talka.



Your latest album “Neighborhood Watch” has been released not long ago. Are you content with the reception so far?

Oh yes, yes – beautiful response. Right now I’m doing my own distribution, but I finally got in contact with this other distribution company out in Texas. I’m waiting here to get things started. Right now I’m puttin’ everything out for myself.

For the ones who haven’t heard the album yet – what do you offer on this one?

Heavy street content, just tryin’ to keep it real, you know what I’m sayin? With the basses and the lifestyle that I’m livin’ or whatever. Real Heavy street orientated.

What about the lifestyle that you’re livin’?

Ah man, the lifestyle… just hustlin’ everyday, trying to stay above water, puttin’ these records out. Tryin’ to be a millionaire, tryin’ to make a million. Basically the same thing like back in 1992.

How’s work with your label Big Head Records in general?

I’m doing good since it’s my own label.

You’ve worked with different labels in the past, which one supported you the most?

All of ‘em supported me to the fullest. Maybe Reel Life Productions and Worldwide Records, also Fallen Angelz Entertainment.

But what happened with Fallen Engelz Entertainment, why did you break up with them?

It was alot of fatal discrepancies behind that. So we parted ways – but I finished my contract and it was over it. And now they’re talking crazy shit about I still owe ‘em records and all of that. But that’s a done deal.

Any word on Kawtion? He dissed you in several interviews…

You said what? You said Kawtion dissed me? He probably did ’cause he mad ’cause I’m fucking with him no more. They can’t make no more money without me. So fuck him.

Neighborhood Watch (2006)

Neighborhood Watch (2006)

What about your relation with Esham and Natas?

We talk, trying to put something in the makings together, probably for the near future.

Have you listened to their new albums?

Yeah, I listened to ‘em. But I don’t know, I really don’t like ‘em. I’m not really feeling the new energy they’re bringing out here. I think they need some stronger production.

Do you produce yourself?

Oh yeah. When you read the label say “produced by Monkey Joe Johnson” – that’s me.

You’re new album “Drug Abuse” is already in the works…

Yeah, it’s almost done. I’m like three songs done from that and it’ll be over it. It’s gonna be a real, heavy, powerful album. I’m tryin’ some new things out on there. For example I wanna do more the overseas type of music on this album here. The electric techno sound, you know what I’m saying? Heavy heavy heavy heavy techno! It’s gonna be interesting, man, it’s gonna be a different album. It’s gonna be something you never heard from Dice before. It still gon’ be hard. The title is self-explanatory: “Drug Abuse”. It’s everything, is just crazy. I choosed that title as far that’s what I’m going through in life, nahmsayin? I’m lookin’ to drop that in July.

You music has always been hardcore to the max – and you always had a strong affiliation to the wicked shit. What fascinates you about this special topic, the wickedness?

Well, I wasn’t really a part of that wickedness. I mean, I was just affiliated because that was what my label was about. But as far as my music, it wasn’t really on that like a Esham level, like what they was puttin’ out. I was always the more hardcore street guy that bring that brings the streets to you instead of all that wicked stuff. Far as me being wicked, it’s just my delivery and my rhyme style. So I was just affiliated with somebody that promoted the wicked shit but it was never tatooed on my arm, like my album covers or cds or something ’cause that wasn’t my style.

What about the new joint from Timmy 2Tymes who’s also on Big Head Records?

Oh yeah, yeah that’s gonna be hot. That’s called “Detroit’s Finest”. Waiting for that to drop, finna to put that out next month. Timmy 2Tymes, that’s my road dawg, that’s my partner that grew up with me in the neighborhood. He’s real deep into this rap game, he’s real sweet. He gon’ be the next you’ll have to look out for.

Have you every thought about making an Apartment 3 album with Pervert Paster?

Yes I did, it’s in the makin right now! That’s gonna be an EP we gonna drop here in June. It’s gonna be self titled – “Apartment 3″.



Back in the days you opened up stages for AMG or Ice Cube among others. What comes in your mind when you think back at that time?

Shit, it has been a long road – and I’m still tryin’ to get that big-big-big pay! So I’ve been here for a while. I once even did a tour with Wu-Tang with Killah Priest and all them younger cats from the Wu-Tang, that was around 97/98.

Do you feel like people show you the respect you deserve?

Oh yeah, I get mad respect! Noone’s tryin’ to diss me and no shit like that, everything’s cool.

So will you work with other rappers from Detroit?

Nah, I really don’t deal with other rappes from Detroit. Everybody be doing their own thing. They always say we gonna do a song together, to this and that, just network – but they never came in contact with me. So I’m basically just alone on this level.

So there’s nothing like a classic rap community in your town?

Nah, it’s not like a New York or a L.A. base or even out in Atlanta. Everybody out here is like cutthroat, it’s all for theirself.

I once read an interview you did with Murder Dog Magazine. In this interview you stated that you have 14 kids, is that right?

Nah, I took some blood tests and they all weren’t mine. Right now I’m status of four. To keep the mouths fed, I’m out here just doin’ my thing, hustlin’, workin’, keepin’ these CDs poppin, doing’ everything I can. I can make a nice living of my music for real.

Do you have any last words for the fans in europe and all over the world?

I’m trying to get out there to get to the fans in europe. I like to get out there and tryin’ to put a show together.

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