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Brotha Lynch Hung

Wer kennt ihn eigentlich nicht? Mit Meisterwerken wie “24 Deep”, “Season Of Da Siccness” und “Loaded” wurde das Urgstein aus Sacramento Brotha Lynch Hung bekannt und verdiente sich tonnenweise Respekt, Verehrung und Anerkennung, was nicht nur seinem unabstreitbaren Talent was das Rappen und Produzieren angeht, sondern auch der Tatsache, dass er sich mit jedem Album konstant weiterentwickelte bzw. die Hörer mit einem neuen Stil überraschte, zuzuschreiben ist. Letztes Jahr (2003) war es dann soweit und mit “Lynch By Inch: Suicide Note” legte Lynch endlich seine von vielen sehnlich erwartete neue LP vor, die erfreulicherweise die hohen Erwartungen der Fans voll und ganz erfüllen konnte. Neben einigen Rückblicken in die Vergangenheit und allgemein gehaltenen Informationen über ihn als Person und Künstler liess Lynch uns nun im exklusiven Interview auch schon einmal ein wenig an seinen Zukunftsplänen teilhaben.

Brotha Lynch Hung

Brotha Lynch Hung

When did you start rapping and making beats?

I started rappin when I could barely talk, I was real young Like Bow Wow. I did my first beats back in 86. I couldn’t find a good producer so I had to start making my own beats.

How do you approach the creation of a new track, concerning the lyrics and the production?

I don’t really worry about one track, I approach it as an album. But if it’s somebody else’s album I just load the ammo (beer and bomb) and jump on it. Beats just kinda come around the Siccmade camp because everybody knows how to make beats around the camp, maybe a couple of them don’t.

In which kind of situation do you write your best lyrics? Do you have to feel completely comfortable or do you need some pressure of time to be creative?

Yes I have to be just right to do my best stuff, but I have been in some situations were I didn’t think it was cool.

What inspires you most when you write a song?

I can’t wait to get it to the people that listens to my records, so many records come out that I don’t like so I don’t use that to get inspired.

Which equipment do you use to make beats?

I have a MPC 4000, Trinity Keyboard, Triton Keyboard, Planet Phat, Mo Phat, I always buy nes stuff when I can.

Which song that you ever recorded do you like best?

A song about my mom after she died. It was supposed to go on Suicide Note but I don’t like to listen to it, so I kept it off.

What does a typical day in your life look like? What do you do all day?

If it’s not the weekend, I would wake up at 7:30 to give my son money for school before he leaves, smoke a blunt after he leaves and jump on Socom for about a hour. Then I go to the studio til about 1 in the morning and handle Siccmade business, muzicc, phone calls and, on the weekends, kick it!

The squabbles with Black Market Records have finally come to an end. How do you feel about that whole situation when you look back now? Are you still angry or do you consider it from a professional business point of view?

Well I don’t think about it too much any more, the only time I think about is when he has somebody on the lable make a song about me. We still are dealing with some of that. The man got rich off me and he still has a attitude with me. Ama leave it at that!

I once read in an interview which you did a few years ago that you were really fucked up when you recorded the classic LP “Season Of Da Siccness”. Reminiscently, would you say that these circumstances helped you to make that one classic and that it helped to make that LP sound real authentic and rough?

I’m an emotional person, everything is deep to me, I guess the drank and the smoke might be bringing that out now that I has time to analyze.

Brotha Lynch Hung

Brotha Lynch Hung

Would you ever release another shocking album like “Season Of Da Siccness”, which added a lot of controversy, again or have you become too old for that?

If I’m going threw alot of shit when I write a album, it will surly get handled by speaking my mind on an album.

What’s crackin with Siccmade Muzicc? Which releases can listeners look forward to next?

Right now, almost everybody has a album done. Loki, he will be out july 27th, Zagg, she’s about to master her new one “Throught The Eyes Of She”, COS has 2 untitled albums done, about to start mixing that. Me and COS has a Group album thats done, about to be mixed. It’s called “Trigganomitry”, it’s an album that’s real different for me cuz COS put it together, it’s a deep album that might kinda suprise people becuz I don’t really write albums like that but it was away that I could tell alot of fans my problems. It’s a tight album. Then my solo will come out “Dinner And A Movie”. That is vintage Lynch, I can’t wait for homies to hear that.

Whassup with the long announced Phonk Beta LP? Is it already completed and if so when will it finally hit the stores?

Phonk Beta’s album is done too, he’s about to master his album and we will have a date soon. He’s a NY based rapper that moved to the west to do muzicc with me. His album will probably do good on the east and the west.

Do you still have contact with X-Raided?

Me and X write and have been for years, we always talk about doing a album together. And it will happen I’m not trippin yet. I know he might get out soon and I would want to wait til then but if I gotta do it now I will.

Did you ever take into consideration to sign him to Siccmade Muzicc?

I wanted to sign him but he can run a company by his self so I never asked him. He once told me he would send me one album, I’ll wait and see.

How would you describe your current relationship with First Degree, P-Folks, Fignaytion, Young Droop, Mr. Doctor & Dubb Sak?

Me and First Degree still work together and we have a album in the makes, we just started, no too much info on that. Me and P Folks are REAL friends, he is still doin his thang and he also can run a company too. He comes by and blows a couple blunts every once and a while. Fig, he’s been gone for a while but he’s back doin songs with us. Young Droop, I haven’t seen in a while, don’t know what he’s doing. Mr Doc is doing his own thang we haven’t talked in years. We got a mental thing going on far as we want to see each other do good. Dub Sak is about to release a album under Siccmade, he’s Done too.

Do you know whether P-Folks is gonna release a new album on Siccmade Muzicc?

I would do it but he already has a company, maybe one day it will happen.

Please describe how you hooked up with Doomsday Productionz in the first place.

Back in late 92 they came down to get a verse from me and when we got the song done, I was like yaw niggaz are tight! So ever sence we wanted to work together. We were hungry and it work out, them niggaz are my fam!

Eklypss from Doomsday is not your cousin. Your cousin just happens to have the same name. Is that correct?

Yea it’s 2 different people, Emil (my cuzzin) is Big Q-ball from the blocc’s Big brother. I talked about him getting shot at C-BO’s video on the album “Season of the Sicc.”

How did you hook up with Master P and what was it like to work with him?

Master P to me is one of the best business men in the game, very business! I was signed on Priorty Records when I met him, I was never really in the studio with him, I figured at that time he was more business man then rapper. Still looking to do some stuff with him.

Siccmade Family

Siccmade Family

How did you hook up with Kokane for the collaboration on “Loaded”?

Rappers from LA I guess used to listen to my muzicc alot so it wasn’t real hard to hook up with Kokane. In the short time we work together he taught me alot. I remember when I worked with Snoop, he heard about it and came down to the studio, that was hella cool.

Whassup with Sicx? Is he still in jail? How’s he doin?

Sicx is a changed man obviously being were he is. He’s in to God and being to his self. Still has problems and still wants to write lyrics. He’s in the Pen.

Are the rumors true that your sister has been murdered and will there be a song about that on your upcoming LP?

Yea, when I was on my Suicide Note Tour, my sisters boy friend shot her in the head. I’m not going to make a whole song about that but I do get out some feelings about it a lot on the album. I write about my life on some songs.

Lyrically, your 2003 release “Lynch By Inch” is very different from your earlier works like “Season Of Da Siccness”. How would you explain this development? Would you say that you matured a lot since back then?

I did matured a little but that’s not the main thing, a couple things. I never make the same kinda of album and I don’t have a style. I been a rap fan for so long that I kinda feel like I don’t want to get locked in to a style, plus it’s stops me from being creative. Even thought I have the reputation of a couple styles, the only one I claim is the “Ripgut Style”. But then I can turn around and make a deep @ Pac kinda of album, I can make a Atheist album, then turn around and make a Gospel album. Because it’s how I feel at the time and that’s as real as I can get.

What can listeners expect from your upcoming album “Dinner And A Movie”? Who did the beats, whos featured? Just tell us everything about it.

That’s a hard one, I always do my features last so I haven’t done that yet. You know alot of big artist are so busy so I gotta make sure it’s gonna happen before I say who it is. DJ Epic produced most of the album, You know Beta produced alot of it, I Produced 2 of them. But I will do my next album.

Is it true that you’re gonna team up with C.O.S. to release an album together?

Yup as Group Suspition.

Did you ever take into consideration to release the Siccmade Muzicc releases on vinyl in addition to the regular cd releases?

I do have vinyl for Season, Lynch by Inch and Loaded, BMR still has alot of it.

Or would you at least release a vinyl single like “One Mo Pound” or “R.I.P.” which were put out back in the mid 90’s?

One Mo Pound does have vinyl, R.I.P. didn’t though, those type of songs don’t get played at a club these days so I might not send the money.

What do you think about the current rap music scene in the USA? Many people think that it has become too commercial and fake. What’s your opinion about that?

I was always a underground rapper/lyricist. I feel we faded in the background because of the main stream, and alot has to do with the underground not coming tight and professional making the majors not want to work with them. So it’s half and half feelings about it. Underground step it up!! We need a national underground radiostation that can support us.

Who are your favorite rappers at the moment? Whose shit do you feel most?

Right now I’m feelin Swifty from D 12, Lil Wayne, Crooked I, Yukmouth, Kanye West. COS is one of my fav’s too.

Which cds are you bumpin’ at the moment? Can you recommend any dope CDs?

Ironically COS is in my deck and lot of the above rappers/lyricist.

Would you ever record a track with a well-known mainstream act like Jay-Z, 50 Cent or Busta Rhymes if you had the chance? If so, with whom would you like to do that?

If I was gonna do one with somebody it would be Eminem. We would make some sicc shit and it would be for the radio. I don’t think about radio too much to know what mainsteam artist to do one with, I guess I gotta say Jay Z.

Whose the most promising upcoming artists from Sacramento in your opinion?


What’s your opinion about the current policy of the U.S. government under George Bush?

I think Bush was out for him and his and he used to murder niggaz for nothin when he was Texas governor. Their rate was high for execution to blacks.

Do you believe in God?

I believe in something but I’m still confused about the whole thing.

Association game: Just tell us whatever comes to your mind when you see the following words:

Siccmade Muzicc: My Life Now
50 cent: Lucky
Hatred: jelous Mutha fuccaz who supported you to get to where your at, lol
Siccness: Created By me and the homies from feelings
Sacramento: My nest, my home for ever. I want to be the Icon.
Black Market Records: What Siccmade would have been if I just did it my self.
M-Sane: Somebody who tryed to dis me for fame, we use to be cool.
MTV: Very helpful to my career.
Zagg: I would die without her.
The D.E.: He comes around when he needs me.
Ripgut Cannibalism: More real then horrorcore rap, and meat loving, salty, bloody and everything you think it is.

Have you ever been to Europe, performing? If not, do you plan to do shows in Europe in the future?

Naw, never. But I would, I really don’t like to fly but if the cash is right, I will.

Do you know that there’s a constant amount of people bumpin your shit here in Germany? How do you feel about that?

I didn’t know that and I really appreciate that and please, please know that I thank them for that.

In addition, do you have anything to say to your supporters in Germany?

Thanks for your support and hopefully you keep supporting me, cause I will keep going til I can’t.

Here is the place for some shout outs, fuck yous, thank yous. Whatever.

Shots to Siccmade Muzicc, all the fucc you’s will come on the album. Shots To Germany and much love. Thanks homie.

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