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Ide The Shanty One

Auch wenn “Ide The Shanty One” vielleicht nicht jedem ein Begriff ist, eingeschworene East Coast Anhänger werden in den letzten beiden Jahren kaum an von Ihm und seinem Creative Juices Music Label wesentlich mitgestalteten Projekten vorbei gekommen sein. In Kürze steht nun die Veröffentlichung seines 2. Solo-Albums “Ideology” zusammen mit DJ Connect an und trotz letzter Feintuningarbeiten stand uns Ide ausführlich Rede und Antwort. Dabei kann man sich einige Tipps in Sachen sinnvolle Gestaltung der durch Schuleschwänzen gewonnenen Zeit abholen, erfährt selbstverständlich alles Wissenswerte zum neuen Album und weiteren anstehenden Projekten aus dem Creative Juices Umfeld oder auch von Sean Price und bekommt Anschauungsunterricht, was die heutige Garde an Produzenten alles vermissen lässt.

Ide The Shanty One

Ide The Shanty One

Hey Ide, how you doin’ man?

*laughs* Yea! What up?

You are known as “Ide The Shanty One”, where did you get your name from?

Pretty much the name came from my earlier graffiti days. I was really into my heritage when I was younger (Irish-Scottish). I got a Celtic tribal art tattoo, a three-leaf clover and “pride” written with it. I tried to use Pride as my tag. But I couldn’t right a P or R well, so I dropped the P & R, and started righting IDE but I pronounced it like EYE DEE. I’ve had that name since around 96-97, the shanty one came later. IDE when written is short and doesn’t always stand out, so that’s the full length of the name. A nickname on top of the nickname. Hip-hop is a real life style and we keep it real dirty. So that’s the Shanty aspect, also tied in with the Irish heritage…for fuck sake!

I didn’t know it was that easy but it definitely fits. As fas as music concerned, you are part of the Creative Juices Music collective in New York. Tell us more about your crew, who is in it and why do you call your team “Creative Juices Music”?

Yeah man – basically the Creative Juices crew is my family. These are dudes I record with, live with, eat with, do shows with, go to bars with, and get in fights with. You name it, that’s my squad. That’s the life force of my whole existence. Before introducing the whole collective, one thing I got to say is: This group of people is some of the most creative, high-energy people around. The chemistry between everyone is incredible, everyone is real close, and we just all feed off each other’s drive and creativity. In a sense there’s friendly competition, but it’s more like “oh shit you brought it there with the verse,damn I got to come on some wild intricate shit now”. It really keeps us on our toes. Everyone in the crew has there own unique specific style. But amongst everyone there are underlying similarities. So on our own we all can stand, and when we work together we stand even stronger. We are all a bunch of characters and I think that really comes across in the music. The squad has so many members and affiliates.. check our website to see the whole line up. But the core members are Alucard, the dark and deviant.. Critical, the sick and perverted.. you got Life Long, the animated and versatile, Jise with real stories, and mad flavor, UG.. with the wild imagination and word play … Savage Messiah with the knowledge and conspiracies…Whitey Mckracker on the boards and baselines. Than you got cats on the beats like Kryptonite from England nothing but consistent boom-bap.. Caique out in Brazil with the ill layered, melodic bangers. Than you got Cept one on the graphics – plus the immediate fam is DJ Connect, Skavenger, 2 Hungry Bros, Respect the God, Nemo, Tzar, Lil Vic…the list goes on….

You are not only a crew consisting of musicians since CJM started a small label with a – I guess – small budget some years ago. Now CJM is one of the premier independent labels in New York everybody is watching. How did you manage to do that this quick in these difficult times for a record label?

We have always been real low budget/no budget. We put up our own money to promote and release allot of these projects. Everything we make more or less goes right back into what we are doing. I’m not going to bullshit you, the path I’ve chosen has had some huge disappointments and letdowns. But at the end of the day, I’m able to survive off music, which gives me the time to really work on allot of albums. That’s all I can really ask for. It’s tough.. everyone in the crew has a lot of hustles.. we make alot of sacrifices in attempting to get this movement off the ground. We are still trying to situate the whole thing and the journey has been nearly 8-9 years all ready. So one thing with us is we are not over night cats. Not everyone has heard of us but we’ve been making our moves gradually. We have gained the respect of many of our idols, and cross paths with just about everyone in the industry. We have been involved in lots of music, artists, and albums that no one has any idea we were apart of. I’m known to stay in the lab, this is all I do. So its allot of time and hard work invested.

I noticed CJM is still selling a lot of physical CD’s and seems not to be heavy into the digital online market yet. More and more labels do it the other way round, so why do you still promote real CDs?

We are going to keep releasing cds, vinyl. I’ve even thought about pressing some tapes. I’m a firm believer that music is an experience and there’s something about owning physical cds, holding it in your hands, checking the art, reading the shout outs, rolling a blunt on the cover. All this digital stuff deprives listeners of an experience, you can download every album ever made but it will just be taking up space, you wont even check half the stuff. I would rather have the stuff I really like, support those artists and see my collection in my room. I grew up in NJ right across the GW Bridge. I used to cut school to come out to fat beats. I would stay in the record store in my town till I got kicked out. I was digging for records and meeting Pete Rock, Tony Touch, tons of artists. That type of thing really motivated me “like shit.. I could have grabbed the record he would have used”… These were all important parts in my becoming who I am. Sometimes life indicates to you your right where you’re intended to be. I don’t think your going to find that inspiration selecting Mp3s in front of a computer, but who knows. Me, I’ll probably still walk around with a cd player, and buy records.. At the same time I recognize, culture and value. I’m not trying to be naive. I just signed a digital contract and as of Feb 23…. all of our releases will be pushed digitally. You can find releases like Force Fed, and Divine Kingdom on itunes right now, but our hole catalog will be available digitaly in the next few months.

I got your point on physical CD’s even if it is a little bit old-fashioned, I share your opinion a full 100 percent, I could not live without my CD-collection!. But let’s get back to your musical career and not discuss this point of view. Personally you released your solo album “Force Fed” back in 2007. Have you been satisfied with the reactions from the listeners and the critics?

I released “Force Fed” in 2007, as I’m sure you know it was finished in 2006 but took some time to get out. Force Fed was a funny thing – it was never planned, it was intended to be a mixtape for me to sell because I was doing more and more shows. And I really had no new material to promote at the time. The project really started expanding into an album, so when “Force Fed” came together I really didn’t know how it was going to get received. I think I got too much credit for that album. There were some reviews holding it in high regards, calling it best album of the year and things like that. People hitting me up with really high praise. As much as it made me feel good, I don’t think its all that true. I’m proud of that album, when I listen to it I get real hype. I think it was a great place for me to start, it’s only going to progress. I could pick apart that album, but I won’t. I’m glad people like it and continue to support it. Even on a minor scale of achievements, I never thought it would do as well as it did. Ideology is going to really surpass Force Fed in many ways and than there’s the stuff I’m working on with UG and Alucard right now. I’m still evolving. The craft will continue to develop and I’m going to keep coming up with new ways of presenting the material.

I remember the moment I saw the cover for “Force Fed”, I was like: What the fuck is this? So could you give us some information about the album cover for “Force Fed” and the connection to the album?

Ahah yea.. it’s one of those covers you really got to examine to fully appreciate. But once you do, you might not be able to put it down. The art was done by the brilliant mind Doug Hoffman and arranged by my good friend Todd Masters (also down with Creative Juices). I had scene a few things from Doug Hoffman here and there when I didn’t know him. I always thought he was an old man. I didn’t think someone in my age range would be coming up with all this ill abstract art. Doug heard of my music through my affiliation with Jak P. at the time. The two of us started linking up exchanging material. I approached Doug About doing the cover and he decided he would do it. That was a big turning point in the album. He agreed and wanted to hear
some material. I gave him a cd of all this corny half ass demo material. I realized that I was going to have to come much better than that. At this point I really locked myself in the studio and crafted.. I built with Doug in regard to this story about my family name.

The story was that the name Gallogly and the birthmark came at the same time, long ago. A chieftain, having started a rumpus, maybe against the English, had his horse killed in a big fight and, being a powerful man, fought so well on foot that his companions dubbed him ‘Galloglach’ – Gallogly – the Irish for foot soldier. He was punished be a brand on the forehead of a rough crown; and his wife, being in a delicate condition, saw it and when her son came he had the same mark.

Low and behold I have the scar on my forehead, so this influenced the cover. And if you look close you will see a horse and a warrior with a sword. It’s Doug Hoffman’s interpretation influenced by the music. I couldn’t have been blessed with a better cover. Doug is now recording and has a project with Will Taubin that I’ve heard some tracks to and is just insane. This cat is so talented…

Your new album “Ideology” is out real soon, it’s a collabo project together with DJ Connect from Sweden. How did you connect with him since he is living on the other side of the world?

I linked with Connect through L.i.f.e. Long. Life is doing an album with Big Ape from Sweden of the Elite Fleet: “Crossing The Globe”. He introduced Connect and me. The first song me and Connect recorded was “Snapped”, the original album title track which was changed. We talked about doing an EP. Than about 4 years later that turned into a LP. This album actually started before Force Fed. That’s why we brought “Never” back on Ideology with the remix. Shout out to L.i.f.e. Long for really making the whole situation happen.

What do you think is the reason that more and more US rappers especially from the East Coast work together with European Producers (Snowgoons from Germany, Tommy Tee from Norway, Armyfatique from the Netherlands, Sicknature from Denmark, The Misanthropist from Sweden etc.)?

In my opinion, alot of the producers in Europe are doing it right. They are still record heads: digging, gear heads using drum machines and samplers. These kids in the US man – and I’m speaking of the newer bread with in the last 5 years in particular, and it hurts me to say – they are all about instant gratification. Everyone wants to be a rapper. And if they can’t the closest next best thing is DJ or Producer. With the
accessibility of computers and software anyone can become a beat maker over night: but they aren’t schooled in sonic spectrums, fundamentals of sound, and what really makes a good beat. I’m not trying to talk like I’m a guru but me and my boys spent years in studios, around engineers producers, DJs, clubs, street teams, labels, taking it all in… you can’t get that plug in on Fruity Loops.

Hell yeah, dat’s right. So besides DJ Connect, who did the beats on your new album and who else is sharing the mic?

Other than Connect I did some production. I had to lace the interludes and outro. But I don’t rhyme on any of my beats on this one. Connect really produced the whole album and I’m happy to say I make beats. So to do an album with another cat doing all the production, that really says something. On the mic I had to team up with my favorite emcees doing it. You known I got Alucard on a few tracks with me. There’s no IDE with out Alucard, that’s my brother in this. Than you got L.i.f.e. Long on a few tracks, killing a posse cut, and than doing the concept track “Baby Boom” talking about the loss of our culture, forgotten artists, and flooded industry. Jise is on 2 tracks. Him and me did the track “You’ll Find” getting a little deeper in content, which is a personal favorite. My mentor and good friend Mr. U to the G. from the Cella Dwellas (and now officially down with the movement) on the posse cut Endurance. Criticals on 2 joints bringing his usual A game, intricate word play and intensity. I got Rocca Spot from out in Sweden on the “Never Remix” as well as Maylay Sparks aka Rahsheed whose been showing mad love. My man Block Mcloud blessed me with his presence on “Devilz Island”, just killing it. which was a huge honor… Block and me had been building on working together for a few years, so it was crazy to finally make it happen. I got a track “Keep on” feat Pace Won, Yah Yah, and Young Zee. I grew up in NJ and was a huge Outz fan, so this was a dream come true. Than you got the joint “War Of The Worlds” featuring Ill Bill. What more can I say, the shit is crazy. Ill Bill tears it down, the track is insanity…

A really impressive line-up, wow. So what are your main topics on the new album?

The concepts are the evolving record industry, the larger mysteries of life, the strive for truth, and complex ways of thinking.. Basically how there’s more than what you see… and its up to you to make some thing of it all.

So how would you describe the difference between “Force Fed” and “Ideology”?

I would describe Ideology as Force Feds older brother, who’s just a little stronger and got more experience and insight. It’s a lot more advanced. While Force Fed was often straight stream of consciousness, Ideology is a lot more put together and conceptual. More developed songs with choruses and cuts, bridges and movement. The overall sound is much more professional.

And your personal progress from the first to the second album?

Definitely more intricate and developed. I didn’t rush things on Ideology. I got things to sound the way I wanted them to be. I tried not to settle for anything on this album. I think my writing, and delivery has gotten alot stronger.

Because you mentioned you got UG from the (Cella) Dwellas on your album, who was responsible for his comeback since he has been away from the scene for quite some time and everyone was missing him?

I definitely wouldn’t say I was responsible for his comeback. Even when you didn’t know, UG was still there. He was in the basement next to a candle, quill tip in hand filling the spell book. He’s a shape shifter. Dude has taken on so many forms created careers under various skins and moved on – but he’s never gone anywhere. He has always been there. Now he’s ready to open Pandora’s box on everyone and really could change the whole fuckin game. UGs got 2 albums and a mixtape in the works. He’s about to let the world know he didn’t go anywhere.

I heard one of those solo albums you mentioned will get released on the Creative Juices Music label?

UG and me were in the lab just today. We are building on a daily basis. We have a lot of things planned. Don’t really want to give away too much on that yet. But albums, tours, videos, skits, DVDs, are all in the making. We are doing an album together, that’s official. Got 8 album tracks all ready recorded and mixed and a few more in the making. Expect to hear alot more from UG and IDE. It’s really just getting started. We got big plans for everyone! We are doing shows all over the east coast now and are trying to get out west and to Europe. Also in case cats havent heard. There is another rumor going around about UG and Sean P are doing a mixtape. Thats all I can say, but you know whats about to happen!

Since you are producing and rapping, would you call yourself primarily a rapper or a producer?

I like to think of myself as a producer who raps, but I started out as a DJ. And I’m also an engineer. I think I just suffer form multiple personality disorder.

Did you start as a rapper or as a producer?

As a producer. But I was the kid in 6th grade with everyone surrounding him at the school dance spitting Cypress Hill and Wu-Tang when kids were doing the stupid chicken dance. But that wasn’t far from when I got my first turntable. To me, writing and making beats always went hand in hand, but I made my first beat probably before I wrote my first rhyme. But that’s becoming a chicken or the egg tale, either way ill romanticize it…

You still remember those times you started writing/producing? What has changed since then?

Barely, but I try as hard as I can… What changed!? Everything – but it’s all still the same shit…

True that. So when you are in the studio, do you begin working on a beat or do you write the raps first?

Depends… I just tend to go with what I’m in the mood for. But if I’m making a beat, 9 out of 10 times I write a verse to it. Anything I put out producing other artists, in my personal vaults I have me spitting to the beat, and I listen to it while I flex in the mirror. I’m so vain…

Please describe a typical day with Ide in the studio. Is it more like real work or fun with your homies?

*laughs* all work all play! I’m so focused I’m probably an asshole to be around half the times. Wake up: 9-10:43 (depending how late the night session went). Smoke a blunt with Alu 10:44-11:00. Plot the demise of the squirrels trying to break in our apartment 11:01 – 11:23 … Alright let me stop… it’s a all day thing. I put in around 8-16 hours a day, probably 6-7 days a week. I run a studio out of the crib and have sessions on the regular. I work with allot of local talent, cats like Many Styles are recording new albums with me. I also teach MPC classes at dubspot in the city. All and all I’m all about having fun with the music but I like to get down to business. I’m all about being productive. I hate mass talking, bullshitting and wasting time. I don’t have time to spare and I don’t get along with cats that do. I take what I do real serious. It never stops with me, I’m all about staying productive. I usually work until I have headaches that I’m spitting out blood from. Than meat up with my girl, rejuvenate, rest up than come right back to it. “I’m on a mission”…that’s how I started Force Fed. It was a quote from the GZA, but it’s also a quote people say about me. I look at success as a destination not an option. I’m just trying to find the path of least resistance in getting there.

Good point. Of course people want to know which rapper you would like to
produce a whole album for?

Ghostface! That’s the day I call it quits… nah. .. man I’m a big Ghost fan. Over all Wu fan. I still listen to “Iron Man” religiously. I think I could come up with some real dope production for Ghost. Other than that I would say Redman, Nas, Son Doobie, Everlast, maybe Outkast…Heltah Skeltah? I’ve been getting really into Hell Rahzah. Really though, currently I’m working with emcees that would have been my top choices. So I dont really even think like that. But for sake of the question Ghost! If you know him
tell him to get at me…*laughs*

You got a favorite rapper from the CJM camp you like to work with?

Nah, no favorites. Honorable mention to UG, those sessions are so high energy and its just crazy hanging out with him. The stories, the rhymes, everything is real ill. So it’s always an adventure. Being involved in something like music and having someone you really look up to basically co-sign or just give so much love and respect. That really enables someone like me to have the conviction and confidence needed. I try to be around UG as much as possible. I learn alot from him.

Are there any plans for an album from the CJM label produced exclusively by Ide?

Ahah yes! Some day it will happen. For now, I got a compilation about to drop produced half by me and half by Skavenger form California. I’m producing the whole IDE and Alucard album. I’m going to drop the crew name for the first time ever here: “Dark Matter”. It’s tough for me to want to produce a whole compilation. I want all my brothers to shine: Krypto, Caique, Connect, Nemo, Will Taubin, Drunk Orch, Tzar, Vic, 2 Hungry Bros, everyone! But I really want to display my skillz on beats as much as my skillz on the mic, so I will be doing alot more projects all produced by me. After UG’s album, Savage Messiah, who was formerly in Scienz of Life. His album will be dropping called “Intelligent Design”. That has been pushed back as we get everything aligned. But when the time comes it will be a monster.

So besides those projects, what’s next on the menu for you and the CJM team?

So much man, shit, for 2009 if all goes well. “Ideology”, IDE Skav compilation, UG album, Jise album, IDE and Alucard Album “Dark Matter”…Slum Lords (Ide, Alucard & Will Taubin), Savage Messiah – “Intelligent Design”, Ide – “The Book of Kells” mixtape, L.i.f.e. Long album … L.i.f.e. Long has “Crossing The Globe”, the Elite Fleet has a compilation, Respect just finished his album … plus lots of production for other artists. Got a big song “God Bless The child” coming on Little Vic’s new “Autopsy” album.

Besides releasing new albums, you got any plans for going on tour in Europe? I know you have a lot of fans here in Germany, they would like to see you here…

Man I will leave tomorrow… we are setting something up, trying to get the European tour for summer 2009. If anyone reads this is a promoter or knows promoters: hit us at We love NYC but were reading to see what else is out there. Yo I love Germans. Man, everyone I talk to from Germany has the most extensive knowledge on everything going on. They are hip-hop heads. Love the music, support, make dope music, it’s incredible. when we come out there, we are shutting down the bars with everyone. Also huge shoutout to The Hitframers. These guys are probably the next big thing to come out of Germany, amazing producers. Their new album coming soon feature the whole Creative Juices squad plus the rest of your fav underground artists.

Okay, thanks for the answers Ide, any last words for your fans?

Wow… Knowbody got to thank you. It’s because of guys like you that cats like me get to voice our opinions on all this stuff. Keep that collection growing. When we come out there we will have to personally add some cds to the pile! Other than that, just want to say: thanks to everyone who has all this faith in us. All the love heads how is what fuels the Creative engine – there’s no way we will let you down. We want to keep making the stuff we love. Check the new page on myspace for videos, shirts everything. We want to go all out for you. Mad respect from NJ & BK to Germany, let’s keep it international. One mind, one love.

Ide @ myspace:

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