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Mista CR

Das einzige verbliebene Rumble-Pakk-Mitglied im Kurzinterview. South Central’s Own Mista CR über den Stand der Dinge bei ihm, das aktuelle Album “Ragzilla’s Revenge” und sein Rapperleben im Dunstkreis des legendären Project Blowed. Ein großes Dankeschön an unser Forum-Mitglied Dog-Roc für seine Mithilfe bei den Fragen und die Vermittlung!

Mista CR

Mista CR

What’s up CR – many readers might not be familiar with you. How long have you been rapping and how did things get started for you?

I’ve been rapp’n since elementary school. In 1994 I got introduced to a hip hop spot called the Goodlife Cafe, which was a smaller west coast version of Showtime at the Apollo. From there I’ve been taking hip hop very serious every since.

What about your latest project?

My latest project is titled “Ragzilla’s Revenge”. It features production by the Rhyming Riddler from Chillz Vill, Pudge from Project Blowed and numerous producers from Glitch Productions. As far as feature emcees I got the Rifleman from Hiphop Kclan on my shit. But be on the look out for my up and coming CD titled “Return Of The Westside Strangler” which wil be accessable very soon!

Your even shot a video to your new song “Get Em” (click to view). How did you come up with the topic and how was the recording?

Doing the song “Get’Em” was just like doing any other song to me. I just go wherever the instrumental takes me. I originally wrote it to a different instrumental, but it fit better to the one its on now.

Are you still running with the Project Blowed Camp?

I still talk to people from the Project Blowed, but I run with the Rumble Pakk. That’s myself, Lil Crow Loc (Rest In Peace) and my boy Lipse. But right now it’s a one man crew. Me, myself and I. Everybody else is either missing in action or just plain fell off.

Mista CR

Mista CR

How did you first realise that people from overseas were bumping your music? Where you stunned?

I first realized that people from out there was bumping my shit when the homies would come bacc from there and tell me they sold alot of my shit out there. I always tried to go there with the CVE’s or the Hiphop Kclans, but for some strange reason that never happend. I’ve never been to Germany, never been invited to Germany. But always wanted to go and showcase my talent. But yeah, I was stunned and very appreciative of the fact they like my music

Where can fans from Germany buy your music?

Fans can purchase my music by contacting me at

Which one of your albums do you consider an absolute must-have that a new listener should get himself first?

New listeners should checc out “Ragzilla’s Revenge” first. After listening to that, they’ll have a better understanding of my earlier projects and’ll be able to see how far I’ve come and how long I’ve been around. I’m the most slept on artist from the Project Blowed.

What are you up to outside of the music realm?

Outside the music, I’m living life in the struggle that goes on in a place we call South Central, Los Angeles…

Mista CR

Mista CR

Write down the first thing that comes to your mind:

Hottest G-Funk-Hit ever recorded: any thing from Sugar Free’s catalog, that nigga be saying some shit

Los Angeles: hard

Gang Life: stressful, but fun at times

The Future: successful

This Interview: interesting

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