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Was die Snowgoons für Deutschland sind, das ist Sicknature für das Königreich Dänemark. Der Ill-Bill-Kumpel werkelt gerade an seinem neuen Album und hat sich ein paar Minuten Zeit genommen um uns auf den neuesten Stand in eigener Sache zu bringen. Auch weiterhin gilt: die Achse USA-Dänemark lebt.



More and more rappers from the US start working with european producers- can you state a reason for this?

Beause a few european producers are fuckin’ dope! And with the internet, hip-hop has become a tighter global movement. So it’s a natural expansion. In my case, my man Street Mass hooked me up with ILL BILL. Other artists I’ve met at shows or over the internet.

When and how did you start doing music?

I started to spit when I was about 12 and started producing a couple years after that, cause I didn’t know any producers. So I created a hardcore/boom-bap/cinematic/poetic-kind of style myself.

If you had to pick one song to introduce yourself to someone that has never heard of you – which one would that be?

I don’t think one song could describe me fully. My songs describe different sides of me and my opinions. So I guess you would get a better look at me as an artist if you buy a whole Sicknature album. And so far I’ve only really made one myself: “Honey I’m Home”.

Do you have anything new in the pipeline – what can we expect next?

I’m working on beats for ILL BILL, Slaine, Vinnie Paz, Jus Allah, Outerspace and many others at the moment. I will be on the new Snowgoons album and I have a new album on the way. I’m also touring a lot this year. I will be on the Royal Arena & Hip-Hop Kemp festivals. I will also join La Coka Nostra on their European Tour just to hang out. Plus I will tour Europe in August & October.

Will you be featured on the third AOTP album?

I’m not on the third AOTP album with beats or with rap. Not this time. So there will be no “Seven Pt. II” or “Gun Ballad Sequel” *laughs*

You seem to appreciate working with Ill Bill, can we expect more projects from you two?

Yes! Bill’s got a lot of projects he wanna do. So Im privileged to be busy working on some of them with him.



Your myspace says that you are unsigned at the moment. Have you received any offers for an album deal?

No. And that’s fine with me. Right now the only label I would wanna sign a deal with is Uncle Howie. But I’ve only just begun shining outside of my home country. So I will stay independent and do my thing for a now and earn my spot.

I guess you’ve also done production for danish artists. Could you just name the most important ones?

Mass, Tjes Boogie, D Sign & Funk Flush. They might not be important to the whole rap scene in Denmark. But they’re important to me. Danish mainstream rap is big. But the underground scene is not that big. But it’s dope.

What’s the meaning of the tattoo that can be seen in the inlay of “Honey I’m Home”?

Once I nearly gave up doing this music. So I designed it myself. It’s a node with a tree growing from it. It symbolizes that music and poetry is the foundation of my life and helps me grow. Its simple but it means a lot to me.

Anything I forgot to ask but we must know?

Yes: like I mentioned before, Im workin on a new album right now! Hopefully it will drop early 2010. Check out for further updates. Also the Snowgoons “Trojan Horse” is coming soon. Shout out to everybody supporting the family!

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