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Science Fiction

How you doin’ Wale? Can you introduce yourself to the peoples in Germany?

Hello everyone. My name is Wale Oyejide, but some of you might know me as Science Fiction.

You were born in Nigeria, used to live for 3 years in the Middle East and now reside in Atlanta. Do you think these phases of ya life affected your musical career?

Science Fiction

Science Fiction

I think travel in itself, influences people. It makes you more open minded towards different peoples and cultures. So yes, I think it helped me, because I draw from sounds and inspiration that I’ve come across all over the world.

How was life in Nigeria? I think nobody of us has a clue how it is to grow up there…

Well it’s really not that different from anywhere else. I got up and went to school every day just like kids in Germany. And hung out with my boys just like kids in Germany. I’m proud to be from there.

Why did you finally decide to move to the USA?

I think for the same reason most foreigners move. My parents just saw better opportunity in the US, and decided to go.

Tell us what is the meaning behind your musical alias “Science Fiction”.

Well, when I was young, I was a big fan of sci fi stuff like Star Wars, Star Trek, and things like that. So when I began making beats, I would only sample from old science fiction movies and records. That’s why I took that name.

Do you have some favorite science fiction books?

I don’t read it much anymore, but yeah, my favorite sci fi novel is Fahrenheit 451′ by Ray Bradbury.

What were you major influences when you started with producing?

When I first started, I was listening to some DJ Shadow, some El-p… I’ve since moved on from stuff like that, and so has my sound.

Can you tell us something about your musical background?

Sure. I first got into music by playing drums in a grunge-rock band…then I moved on to the guitar. I didn’t start making beats until I got to university.

Will you put out your next projects on Third Earth Music, too? Besides hiphop, do have some other projects?

My next project (coming out this May) won’t be on Third Earth, and it won’t be mostly instrumental like the Sci-Fi album. I’m releasing the first Wale Oyejide album on Shaman Work this summer, and it’s going to be great.


Walls Don't Exist (2003)

Walls Don’t Exist (2003)

You formed the “Lil Sci vs. Science Fiction” project with Lil Sci. How did you came up with that? Where can we buy “The Sounds of Science”? Because I only obtained it with your “Wall’s Don’t Exists” LP from sandbox.

Yeah, actually that cd isn’t for sale really. Consider it a special treat. Lil Sci and I are part of the same crew/family so we thought it would be cool to do a few songs together, and give them to the fans.

How had Stahhr Tha FEMCEE inspired you and do you plan to work with her in the near future? How did you become acquainted with her? I think she is a really amazing MC and it’s time for her to put out a full LP.

Stahrr and I are old friends, and yes she’s a very dope emcee. I think her first album is coming out soon on MF Doom’s label, Metal Face Records.

Are there some other collabos we can look forward to? Maybe some more tracks with MF Doom? That “Hold On” track you produced with him sounds really dope.

You’re the first to hear this, but the Wale Oyejide album is going to feature Jay-Dee, and Lacks, just to name 2 of the guests.

With “Walls Don’t Exist” you crossed the boundaries of HipHop. It’s a mix of HipHop, Jazz and some electronical influences. As what do you consider that album? What does the title of this album mean?

The title basically means, that people shouldn’t let anything hold them back from their dreams, or from what they want to do. Basically, its saying that nothing can stop you, if you really put your mind to something.

Do you think your music is an enrichment to todays hiphop?

I think there is a place for everything. There are so many people doing music right now. Some of it is dope, some of it is wack. But there is a place for everything. I would like to think that I’m giving something worthwhile to hip hop fans. Hopefully, they feel the same way.


Science Fiction

Science Fiction

Is there any concept behind this album? Looks like you try to tell a lil story with every song…

It’s basically a love story. Boy meets girl, falls in love, she betrays him, he’s angry first, then sad, and finally he realizes its not the end of the world, and gets on with his life.

Do you have a favorite song on “Walls Don’t Exist”?

I think either “The Sunshine” or “Hold On” is my favorite.

How was the feedback on your album? Does negative feedback bother you in any way?

Negative feedback doesn’t bother me because there will ALWAYS be someone somewhere with something bad to say. Eveyrone is entitled to their own opinion, so its okay of some people dont like my work. I do it to impress myself, not to impress others. As long as I’m happy with it, then that’s all that matters.

You also released “Broken Jazz” last year. What can you tell us about it?

‘Broken Jazz 101′ was an EP introducing people to my new sound. Kind of a preview before the album comes out. I’ll be putting out Broken Jazz Vol. 2 soon, so people will be prepared when the album drops.

How to you feel about being compared to RJD2?

Honestly, I’m a bit tired of hearing about it. But it doesn’t bother me because I think my stuff is quite different from his. The new album sounds nothing like anything that anyone is putting out right now, so I think people will be suprised.

Any plans to come to Germany for a tour?

Yeah, we’re working on a european tour this summer, so hopefully I’ll stop by.

Any last shout outs?

Just like to thank everyone for supporting me thus far. Watch for my new album “Wale Oyejide – One Day, Everything Changed”, coming this may. And check out for more info on my work.

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