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Tech N9ne

Auf dem Royal Arena Festival im schweizerischen Orpund hatte Matteo (East Milan) die Gelegenheit,den ungekrönten König von Kansas City für ein kurzes Interview vor die Kamera zu bekommen.

Tech N9ne

Tech N9ne

What’s up Tech N9ne, what are you up to these days?

Kriss Kaliko just came out with the new album the other day … (Kaliko in the back: July 14th, it’s called “Genius”) Yeah, “Genius” came out, billboarded and all that kind of shit, you know what I mean. We still ruined it like a motherfucker. “K.O.D.” is coming out October 27th, I’ve just finished it 2 days ago. I stayed in the studio like until 6 o’clock in the morning, then I had to go straight to the airport to board my plain to Switzerland. So I had no sleep! Luckily, yesterday I got to have some sleep back at the hotel before I went on stage with Nas and Cypress Hill. I just finished “K.O.D.”, you know what I mean. So, you got gonna be in for the darkest shit you ever heard from Tech N9ne, man! October 27th. I can’t tell you what it stands for yet, but a lot of people got to a clue, you know what I mean.

How do you describe yourself at the beginning of your career compared to now after you’ve reached this level?

Me then? I think I got crazier as I got older. I thought I would get better, you know what I’m sizzlin? I thought I would get better as I got older like stop fucking so many wom.. nooo take it back! *laughs* I thought I would get better. But as I get older, I’m getting worse. Back then I was more pure, right now I’m more polluted. But it’s a wonderful thing ’cause it makes beautiful music, you know what I mean. I write my life as a progressive. But it is like: now, this is how I’m gonna be when I die, the real motherfucker that I am. I love the way that I am. If somebody was to come shoot me in my head right now, and I died, I would be happy with the way I am right now to go. But the only thing that would be fucked up is I’m not done kicking it with my children yet. So the motherfucker who think they gon’ take me away got another thing coming because I got alot to do with my children. So I’m going nowhere no time soon, I just got a morbid state of mind. But at the same time, if I would happen to die right now, I would be happy with the way I am. Right now. I’d to die right now. I would be happy with the way I am. Right now, ’cause I wanna die like this.

Tech N9ne

Tech N9ne

Do you consider yourself a spiritual person?

Totally spiritual man, you know what I’m sizzlin, even if I’m questioning my beliefs in god. Sometimes I question because of the way my mom has been suffering of pancreatitis, epilepsy and lupus. So I might question my belief in god, but I’m a very spiritual person. I grew up in the church, so I have no choice but to be! Because that’s what my grandmother, my mother, my aunties and my uncles taught me. Totally spiritual person! I never worshipped satan. Alot of motherfuckers say that I worship satan because of my imagery or whatever. But I got crosses on my cheeks, you know what I’m sizzlin? That’s supposed to symbolize the greater good, I guess … if you believe In the bible, you feel me! No man, I’m totally spiritual – and if you listen to my music you hear me questioning, you hear me talking about my spirituality…

A definition of Tech N9ne?

A definition of Tech N9ne? My music is the purpose, the perfect guide of “what not to do”. *laughs* It sounds beautiful, but when I say I took fifteen pills in one night and almost died – you might not want to do that. But I made it through and I tell you that. You might not want to cheat on your wife and have an affair with a stripper bitch and lose your wife. You might not want to do that, but you can listen to me and hear .you might not want to do that, but if you listen to me and hear and learn from it. So, when I say: yeah I did shrooms, I did ecstasy, I did acid, I did all that shit … that’s what you listen to. But don’t do what I did, ’cause I almost didn’t make it. So, I would say Tech N9ne Is the perfect guide of what not to do – but it’s beautiful music!

Tech N9ne

Tech N9ne

How’s the situation with your black fans? I’m talking about your song “Message to
the Black Man”, how’s the situation now?

The situation is getting a little bit better. A lot of my black motherfuckers, you know I’m sizzlin, wouldnt’ to come to the show, but now… (turns towards a black dude in the audience) .. everybody shows up at the show. My music is supposed to be for everybody, so if there’s a certain group of motherfuckers that ain’t coming to the shows, that means I have to work a little bit harder to get them at the shows. If they’re scared of my imagery, if they scared of shit that I say … it’s wonderful music! So I just want my motherfucking niggas up in there to actually enjoy it like everybody else. Because everybody else is on it! White motherfuckers, latino motherfuckers, japanese motherfuckers, everybody is on it! So why not everybody else? That’s all I’m saying.

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