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OUT NOW: Emcee Cooler – 12 Dayz Before Prison



Emcee Cooler – 12 Dayz Before Prison


1. Swingin On My Thang feat. Big C
2. Hustlin’ Handz
3. Til The Sun Come Up
4. Niggaz Iz Snitchin’
5. Would U Die 4 Me
6. Midwest Niggaz Go
feat. Tramacyde Tha Snitch
7. Gangstaz Rule Tha World feat. Capp Dillon & Tramacyde Tha Snitch
8. Riches Ova Bitches feat. Freestyle
9. Have U Ever Been To The Fort
10. Competition Ain’t Shit
feat. Tramacyde Tha Snitch & Fontaine Game
11. Yay Boyz
12. Up Here In Tha Midwest
13. Hocus Pocus
feat. Capp Dillon
14. Microphone Gang Bang feat. Big C
15. Dandalionz In Tha Ghetto


Previously unreleased songs, recorded in Fort Wayne, Indiana between 1992 and 1999


Big C (Midwest Monopoly)
Tramacyde Tha Snitch (Hell Razor)
Capp Dillon (S.P.L.I.F.F. Crew)
Fontaine Game



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