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First and foremost – why did you choose such a provocative name: Al-Quaeda?

Don’t you mean a outstanding name like that? I do not see that name as a procovative name at all. I chose that name cause I run a network that is a hood network that deals with the underground level of street hop and keeping the hood music like it was in the beginning. Peace to the BX!



Have you ever been offended because of that name?

The only problem I got are the walls that are put up infront of me like I got locked up over this and held for 37 days in the county jail. That’s the law: if you are a terrorist to the USA, they can hold you without questioning or a court date days, months and years. It’s the law. I lost my job because I was in the County Jail. And ain’t got it back since months now.

You hail from New Jersey – could you describe your everyday life over there?

Like I said I got locked up over this. In fact I have a court date now, not a court date more like a fine 17 buck. I went there today to fix the problem. I pay on Friday. This is way I get now the hold 17 dollars. I don’t have that right now in my pocket, I will pay what I have in my pocket. Their words go ahead, we will still out out that arrest for you for 17 dollars. That them walls.

Will you go to vote? Why/why not?

Yes, I’m a register vote but with this warrent out on me. The law might pick me up the day before I go to vote. I say they are up to some thing cause out the blue I got a fine about some thing that happened in February 04. It is now October 04…

Could you give me a short insight into your personal view of the meaning of life?

Life is simple: man, woman and children. But to get these thing, money plays a major factor. No job, no money, no woman, no children. If you can’t take care of yourself you can’t take care of a child…

Are you a religious person? I guess you refer to the Black 7 and the Nation of the Gods and Earths…

I am a civilized man with knowledge of self and know that I have to build for self before I build with others. I’m not a religious person, I just do the knowledge to different culture. And the Black 7 are cool people, I must fly over there to build with them people and the N.O.G.A.E. I say that a nation is a family, man, woman and child, that the nation if your woman shits on you, that not a nation is the same for the man. A nation moves as one, I agree and she back me up no matter what.

I think it might be interesting to get some additional thoughts on the following tracks on your debut album “Mic Phonetics”…

Pen Pal
That’s a real song. The people are real, my past is real. But I turn my way of life around ’cause when cats I build with end up with 15 years, 75 years, 17-35 years, 7 years or dead and I walk with them I have a lot to say about them and me and how I feel about the matter.

Something To Say
That is my creative side written

I told you my past is real. 20 years and under and I’m in the hood or hoods I travel to…

“Mic Phonetics” came out on “Skirmish Records”. What about your current label/distribution? Are you content with the situation?

To be real: I read alot so I can do this enterprize thing on my own with a 7 dollar 50 cent a hour fulltime job. And people see that Skirmish Records is the company and Clashingwords is the label distribution. But if I could choose a company, it would be Universal…

You’re already working on your next album “The Black Indian” – what do you want to express with that title?

Well I’m half native american and half black. So my shade is brown, the tribe is Cherokee. That goes out to my family that held me down in the family house all these years and showed me my first piano lesson. It runs in the family.

Can you already give up some further information on that piece? When will it hit the streets?

I have a lot of songs that I have in my head for the album, but problems are happening right now. I have to get myself some beats. I make these beats, one thing, and it should hit the street this year, but that damn jail issue that I got stuck in backthings my up a hell a lot…

I doubt that you can already make a living of your music – so how does your life look besides rappin’?

Well I can work a job but I do not have one right at this moment. I’m looking for one real hard nowadays cause times don’t get easier, they harder if there is no money making. And I hate working part time, I like the fulltime job and that what I am looking for…

What’s your opinion on rap-music in 2004 – is it still going up or already on the downfall?

Rap music is going back to the root and the roots are in the hood. It started in the Bronx on the street and that’s where it’s going back to: talking about what is going on in the hood with the people.

Imagine: an extraterrestrial being enters your house and asks you to describe planet earth in one sentence? What would you say?

Life’s about money and family nowaday and money’s the root to building a strong family.

Word association time:

Justice Get your money up and fight any system

Struggle Money makes the world go round

New Jersey … is the Garden State and one of the richest states in the county

Bin Laden … is a 41.000.000 $ man

Skills I have a high school diploma, I make the USA requirements

Hell A number of things that cause mental and physical pain

Time to give some shoutouts…

To all the hoods that are in the struggle for true justice!

Last not least: could you drop a jewel for the people of the world?

A man is judged by his ways and action or woman…

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